I have yet another dumb question (m)

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I have yet another dumb question (m)

Do co-dependents drink alcohol? I've been married to my AH for 13 years, most of the years he was in AA and recovering. When we would go to a wedding I would have a glass of wine, or would have a glass of wine when out to dinner. My question is, now that I'm turning over a new leaf and focusing on myself, do most co-dependents refrain entirely from drinking?
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If you don't have a problem with alcohol and would like to have a glass of wine, then have one. You are focusing on YOU and doing things that YOU enjoy, remember?
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I like a good wine with dinner.
Last time I had one glass. I didn't want more than that (it was at a restaurant and not that good of a wine, food was excellent), if I had wanted another I would have ordered one.
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I'm codependent... and admittingly, believe I'm starting to have a problem with alcohol. While dating my A, I refrained from it.. but now it seems I cannot stop drinking.

With that said.. my ex-A was a serious alcoholic.. and a serious co-dependent. Everyone is different.. but my answer would be yes, co-dependents can drink too.
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Some don't, some do.
I do.

It is entirely your choice.
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I love to go with my friends and have drinks or wine.

I threw away hundreds of dollars of top shelf alcohol years ago, when I realized there was a problem. Not because he would drink it (he was beer and whiskey guy) but because I hated it and the trouble it caused.

I felt guilty for a long time cause I could drink and enjoy it - so I didn't.

But now I don't feel that way. I'll socially drink with my friends or even if I go to dinner with my RAH I'll have a glass of wine. He's good with it. There was a time when he wasn't

I don't drink at home at all - no real desire to.

It's your life - do what you like. Cheers
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