No Contact For Over 2 Months.

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No Contact For Over 2 Months.

Still haven't been to his work to get my stuff. I've had health issues and other things get in the way.

He deleted me off his Facebook. I'm still going through the whole MAD,SAD,DISGUSTED,DEPRESSED stage. I don't know how to feel.

Oh,and to make things even BETTER,He gave me bedbugs. Yes. BEDBUGS. He lived in that crappy apartment and I stuck by him,and now I have to suffer MORE.

So I'm sure he still has them in his new apartment. Ugh. It's just all UGH.

Does this ever get better?
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Mataleao (08-06-2010)
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If you have anything at his place that might be infested, then you might want to just leave it there. Why bring more into your home, since I'm sure you are trying to get rid of them.
Hope you are feeling better, H
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MusicIslove82 (08-05-2010)
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It does. Just as two months in recovery is a drop in the bucket, so is two months of No Contact. It's HARD, because you have all these feelings, you're uncomfortable and just want to feel better. Try to be kind to yourself. Now's the time to treat yourself to something awesome...a massage, a night out with friends, a night in with a good movie/book, that cute shirt you've been eyeing, etc etc....

Slowly but surely, it'll get better. You'll get rid of the bedbugs. You'll gain different perspective on the memories you have, and you'll start to feel less unsettled by the grief.

In the meantime, keep posting!!
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It gets better.

1.5+ years of NC. And I realize I can smile, sing and my life can be a good life, without this person.

Also I realized many of the objects we "shared" trigger me horribly and I had to get rid of them anyway, so you might think about your stuff he has... is it really irreplaceable...? if it is not, then go buy something BETTER! and then you don't have to go anywhere near him again.
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Thanks for the replies everyone.

It just seems like everything is slowly going downhill.(My air conditoner has gone out,because my duct work under my place is completely SHOT.) Plus being sick,and looking for a job,it's just been UGH. All I needed was bedbugs. I'm hanging on for dear life,and intend to keep going.

I just pray that I didn't unknowingly give bedbugs to my friend(s). My best friend will be all SORTS of angry if she gets them. She will probably go to his place and confront him. It's not really his fault. I'll have to talk her out of going over there if she does get them.

Part of me kind of wants to let her go over there and yell at him. Is that bad to admit? Lol.

Even after all this I miss him sometimes. I've been asked out by a few guys,but I just don't have it in me to date right now. I think working on -MY- life and -MYSELF- is the best thing.
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Hello beloved,

It DOES get better. I promise!

It was six months yesterday of NC for me. I can't hardly believe it's been that long. Sometimes it feels like longer, sometimes it feels like just yesterday we talked.

You will get through it. It's hard, then it gets HARDER. Good news though, the next stage is EASIER..then it's under your feet. Hang in there sweetie, you are doing great!!!!
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