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How are you doing today missb?
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I'm holding in there. He called from a different number last night screaming, crying, and begging me back. Telling me how much he loves me and blah, blah, blah. It sounded pretty desperate and I was almost kind of scared. I guess I'll just have to change my phone number completely instead of just blocking him. It's ridiculous because instead of going to a busy signal, or anything else, the verizon company informs the caller that they have been blocked.
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RIP Sweet Suki
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Yes, I would definately recommend changing your number. I changed mine a couple of weeks ago for different reasons, but it's not all that inconvenient. A simple email to all my contacts informing them of my new number was all it took. He obviously does not care about your boundaries or your feeling either if he went to the trouble to use another phone to call you. Some people really having a hard time taking no for an answer.
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Ugh I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

Definitely get your number changed. I had to do this a few years ago and when I explained to the phone company what it was for, they waived the fee. In any case, I would have paid whatever just to get rid of the person in question.
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