Hey Everyone. Small update

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Hey Everyone. Small update

Hello all! Hope this Wednesday finds you all doing well or the best you can be.

Just wanted to say that I've been progressively been getting in better spirits lately. I started a new job and been having some great workouts at the gym, so I've been able to keep my mind occupied while also working on myself. It feels nice.

That's not to say I havent been going over some things about my relationship with my exagf. There were some things that I have come to realize that have made my acceptance of the relationships' end much more clear.

For starters, whereas I had previously been under the impression that my ex was using her sudden change of feelings for me as an excuse to return to her alcoholic lifestyle, I now know, or at least believe, that to be partially true. One thing I failed to take into account was that she had been diagnosed bipolar while she was in rehab. She was taking medications for that when we met, but soon thereafter stopped taking all medications. This was when she began to start acting differently. It all seems crystal clear to me now that her subsequent relapse and abrupt end to out relationship wa brought on by her bipolar behavior. Ultimately, she is the one who stopped taking her meds though, so it's on her. It's all very unfortunate and saddens me still.

I sent her a short text the other day. I just asked how things were going and that I hoped she was doing well. She responded saying thanks for asking and that she was "fine" She then asked about my new job. I responded but have yet to hear back. I want her to know that I still care for her, but I'm not gonna be pushy about it. It's not my responsibility.
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Hello Seeker,
It is great that you are taking good care of yourself. It really makes a difference, when we feel physically better,too. Endorphins get busy, and do their good stuff.

I am sorry that the break up has been confusing for you, too. It must be even more so, when someone has the mental issues that complicate things. You are right tho- she is responsible for taking her meds, and if she does not, life may be harder for her, all around.
You just keep taking care of yourself, and things will fall into place. good luck with your new job! it is so good to have a job, for sure!
hope tomorrow is bright for you, and that it brings more good things.
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I've been friends with people who were in rel'ships with bipolar people. And I had 1 friend who was bipolar who made up some stupid excuse to have a falling out with me.

I don't wanna say anything that seems biased's really hard. It's very hard to be in a rel'ship with a bipolar person.

And add alcohol to the mix?

You should be given kudos for even trying.

Psych meds are not the cure-all people think they are-she may have seemed stable on the meds, but those meds have a lot of side effects, which is why people tend to jump on and off them. Thing is, your brain becomes addicted to the the chemical adjustment the meds provide, so if she didn't taper off her psych meds, like you're supposed to, to gradually give the brain time to re-adjust, then yeah...she may be subject to some wacky mood swings and other erratic behavior.

Unfortunately, there are no 100% foolproof cures for any mental illness yet. Everything seems to be a bandaid solution for something as difficult to treat as bipolar disorder.
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