Hi, I'm angrywife.

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Hi, I'm angrywife.

My alcoholic is my husband. I've been working the Alanon program for nearly 4 months now. He went into rehab back in March, came home the first week of June. He didn't go to meetings or work his program and surprise, surprise he relapsed after a month of being home. I saw it coming a mile away.

I am very thankful for the Alanon program and what I've learned in these 4 months. By applying the program I saved myself a ton of worry, hurt feelings, and arguments with a sick person.

Like my handle says, I still find myself struggling with anger. It is so difficult to deal with the things he does when drinking like playing really loud music, screaming for no reason, etc, etc. He still acts like a rebellious teenager which makes sense cause that is when his addiction began.

Another thing I struggle with is the fact that his mother is a huge enabler and still treats him like a child. And, she will never stop. She has even gone so far as to say that if I leave him she will have to move here to live with him because "he can't live by himself". Why not? He's 34 years old.

Anyway, I found this forum yesterday and thought I'd hang around a bit.
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He sounds like my husband. 27 years old, blasts music when he drinks, throws temper tantrums and makes immature remarks , basically an overgrown teen. I try to explain if he wanted to have that life he should have thought about it before starting a family.
I too am angry ALL the time, he makes me so frustrated and he doesnt get it.
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I'm no angel!
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Alcohol and drugs keep them as children, their emotional growth stops when they start using.

My ex did the same thing blast the music when drunk, I unplugged everything and hide the cords.

As for mommie, let her deal with him, you can't change anyone but yourself. Keep working on you!
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I'm sorry, angrywife. It's hard to understand from the outside, isn't it? I'll never understand alcoholism.
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