Well, he is alive...

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Well, he is alive...

I got a call from a friend of his today. Told me that he talked to his roommates and he showed up in the middle of the night last night. I actually thought I would get a call after hearing that, but nope. It's OK though. The longer he goes without calling me the stronger I am getting.

OK, God is working though. My son, as I mentioned before is recoving from herion addiction. But, had a relapse a few months ago. He is on Suboxin. I hate that he is on something, and honestly his psychiatrist is not all that helpful in getting him weaned. He missed an appointment with her, and she told him to call another doctor. So, he was in tears, but he handled it. I took him to a new MD that specializes in outpatient detox. OMG! This guy was great. I sat there, while my son was in there. My son came out and got me to meet the Doctor. I did. I was so happy with this guy. The first thing he did was hand me Alanon meeting infomation. He really encouraged me to go to Alanon. OK, so after this crap with my AF, and my son making this change, this board, and other random experiences this past two weeks. I have a huge flashing sign in front of me that is saying, "GET TO ALANON"...maybe this is what this experience is for? I could tell you so many other stories from my past that involves alcoholism in my life. My dad, my exh, my ex boyfriends....I am sure it is time.
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Good for you, Kat! You sound great!

Now, get thee to Al-anon!
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Similar situation regarding my xabf. Although my xabf is still doing his partying thing, his friend who was at a much more advanced level of alcoholism is now getting help-going to AA meetings and got a sponsor. I went to an al-alon meeting with his girlfriend, and we had a great meeting! Sometimes there are truly silver linings.
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Well, he is alive...

you are getting to the stage where the topic of your thread is soon going to be: well , I am alive!!

Hooray and well done
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GO to meetings..with as much alcoholism and addiction in your life Alanon is the place for guess is you will feel like you are finally "HOME!'
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Yes, the priorty is that you are alive and well. Him, who cares!

Left, right, left, right, one step at a time, you are heading in the right direction.
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