New here, in the midst of insanity right now

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Yikes. I didn't even have a chance to read everyone's responses. Your conversations sounded identical to ones with my exabf, and honestly, it helps relieve my mind on WHY HE'S GONE. There is no reasoning with an 'A' or untreated, mentally ill person.

You are going to keep going round and round, wondering where YOUR sanity went! I can't offer advice, but I feel for you.

I wish you the best. I don't see this improving much... My ex was psycho, and it only gets worse.
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I love the point that Nthingbu2today made about the urgency of everything. I have posted this quote b4 so bear with me.."the consequences of your addiction do not constitute an emergency on my part" I have had to tell myself this many times as I am being txtd rpeatedly or screamed at by my daughter to do something for her. I Do not respond to any texts or voicemails where I hear the disease talking. I can now take my time and RESPOND rather than REACT. If you choose to stay with an active user your life will be filled to the rim with "emergencies" and non-stop "crisis". The only control you have is how you are going to deal with them.
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Thanks everyone. I am not calling or texting him. I haven't heard from him since noon yesterday. Which is weird, but he probablly doesn't even know what day it is. When he drinks he checks out of life. He doesn't go to work, he doesn't do anything but drink. He knows this. Like I said he had a 5 year period of sobriety, and then a 1 year, and now, 6 weeks.

I am doing my best today to keep my focus on me. I like the advice of just taking it day by day and not making a final decison about the relationship. I will keep reading this message board. Thank you all!!
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