Struggle not having absolutes....

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Struggle not having absolutes....

I struggle with not have things in black and white and not having things a bad or good. I don't like grey area, as it makes me feel very insecure and uncomfortable. It is reassuring to know a for sure thing. It is something I really struggle with in life, because it is unpredictable.
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In my recovery, I had to learn to let go of the absolutes in my thinking. My stinking thinking did not produce positive outcomes in my life.

I made a resolution to embrace uncertainty.

The black and white decisions, the good or bad judgements were limiting my thought processes. When I allow room for choices that are beyond my limited thinking, I am making room for my HP to show more options.

Stinking thinking was: If I do x, y, z - I will get a, b, c result.
However, I was limiting my choices because I was basing my choices of x, y, & z on my learned behaviors of my past.

Now I try to approach life situations with, "Huh, I wonder what options are available that I am not seeing? Maybe I should wait 48 hours and see if more is revealed."

Patience, more will be revealed. (I think I learned that jewel here at SR!)
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