She ruined Mother's Day

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She ruined Mother's Day

I'm feeling sad tonight. Alcoholic Sister ruined Mother's Day with her drinking. Nice, eh?

I calmly expressed to her that because she is actively drinking, I cannot have her in my life. I sat through dinner for my mom's sake, but I do not plan to have contact with her unless she decides to get serious about sobriety.

She sent me a barrage of nasty emails tonight (well, at least the first one was). I deleted them without reading and then blocked her email address. I don't need to take her abusive language or behavior. I feel strangely calm about this. Sad, but calm.

I've also started a blog about my experiences as the sober sibling to an alcoholic. It's helping me cope.

Thanks everyone for listening. It is much appreciated.
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Yes, you deserve better than this....but...she won't do it for you, so keeping her at a distance is all you can do.
Congrats on being strong and caring for you.

God bless
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Good for you for not making it about you and being there for Mom.

You handled the emails very well.

What do addicts NOT ruin?

Keep moving forward!!
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I recognize that calm you are talking about.

When I finally blocked my XABF's number from my phone and put an end to the nasty messages he was leaving, it was as if I had finally dropped a heavy weight I had been carrying.

I finally understood that I could relieve my own discomfort in a simple way and it brought a peaceful feeling rather than sadness I expected.

I think that is a sign from my higher power that I'm on the right path when I do the right thing for my health and just feels right.

So sorry the day was ruined by your sister's behavior.

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can you avoid this situation in the future? perhaps have some special time with your mother over, say, brunch? and skip the family meal?

because we've got thanksgiving and christmas still this year and why put yourself through it?

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way to take care of yourself!

you are not doing that futile thing where you try to explain it to someone who can't possibly understand anyway.
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