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I have NEVER met someone who is so LAZY...again it may be because he is depressed and has been drinking, but my AH all he does is watch TV til late, sleep in til 10 or so, lay on the bed and watch TV and sleep all day - now of course he works about 5 hrs on Mondays - and DJ'sThur-Sat evenings - but COME ON!!!! We have kids who get up for school at 6:30 - a newborn baby who I get up with all night long - etc. I don't quite know how someone can be SO lazy and so totally oblivous to his own laziness.......UGH! Venting here so I can get it out and don't argue with him later about it - I have sorta a negative attitude today due to lack of sleep from taking care of my beautiful 2 weeks old please forgive my rant and take it for what it is!!
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If ranting makes you feel better, then rant away!

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My AH asks his son to chill beer glasses for him, to pour him more beer, if he spills, he'll just step on the spill so his sock soaks in the booze and he doesn't actually have to bend over to clean up (or he'll just leave it there to become sticky and gross) and when he's done drinking, he makes his son take down the empties to the recycling. Nice huh?
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I'm sorry. You have a new baby to cherish and care for - and then the same old King Baby to look at. BTDT

Mine was lazy because I made it possible for him to be lazy - because I did it all.
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Mine was lazy because I made it possible for him to be lazy - because I did it all.
I did everything too, which helped him with his laziness. I should have never taken out the garbage when he said that could be his job....but a week later, that stuff starts to smell!
Mine too. I mean LAZY. Sits in chair all day/night when not working while I take care of house and 4 kids, homework, showers, baths, fixing things, running errands. Everything!
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