Pro Bono Lawyers Office Advice

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Pro Bono Lawyers Office Advice

Okay, I talked to a smart lawyer lady over there who doesn't usually, but just happened to answer the phone.

We had a lengthy conversation which boils down to this:

She understands my concerns about his prescription drug use. But warns me that without some sort of affirmation on this - It could get ugly. For me. As the first step would be child custody and he could well decide to play some nasty tricks. We determined that he would.

So, Passive Aggressive step #1: Keep him happy

She suggested that I get together with him and we draft our own agreement. Together. Over coffee and cake. :-D

What I need to do is get him to agree with me regarding custody. Because then the risk of him getting all bent out of shape if I have to file an emergency hearing is lowered and the delusional case he's sure to counter with harder to prove or even be taken seriously.

Then, she said to see how it goes. Which is trickier. She said it's something I really need to think about. My HIGHLY suspected drug use doesn't mean the courts will agree to testing him. So, it can backfire at this point. UGH.

If there's any stepping out of the lines in regards to what we agreed on, I can file and have my little agreement to back me up.

The Social Security issue is VOID. Nothing to do there. Frankly it's not worth the $600 to file fraud and risk getting him in trouble, fined, possibly in jail and then losing his job which = no money.

I did file for Child Support so there's something.

I have a headache.
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I've got nothin'. I'm having to represent myself, since I cannot even begin to afford an attorney and while my AH has one representing him and asking the courts to force me to pay the attorney fees..I can't find one willing to do that.

I'm just going with the flow at the moment.
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