Trusting myself......

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Trusting myself......

Iti s amazing how all the lies about drinking can make you doubt what you know and observe. It's amazing how the deflection about their drinking makes you not rust yourself. Today I was gone most the day, and he was home. Of course he told me he was at home, but when I got back I could tell something was up from the way he was acting. Recently I had started to doubt myself when I thought he'd been drinking, but today confirmed that I AM NOT CRAZY, I can tell. One of our friends is a waitress and saw him there. Now he can't keep his eyes open sitting in a chair at 5:06 is the afternoon.......and he was drinking at how much did he drink. I have to trust myself....I have to remember that I DO know and that I am not crazy as he tells me I am when I have asked in the past. I do not ask anymore - it isn't worth the argument. His drinking is increasing again and I am getting scared...don't want to go there again, but am very very well aware of what I will need to do if it continues!!!
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Sweetie, this has been going on for almost a year now. Why wait until the inevitable happens? He treats you like crap anyway, so the drinking is just another of a long line of reasons why you would be better off without him.
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Dear mentally,
What do you mean "if this continues?" it is continuing, right?

How's that sweet new precious angel?
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If it has gone on for years, and is going on now, it IS continuing.

What difference is there in him being this way for many past yesterdays, being it now and the same tomorrow?

How many of these same awful, alco filled tomorrows do you go thru, your kids go thru?
How much more abuse, blame, name calling, and general drunken cr*p do you and your family need to take, before you put him where he belongs...out the door?

For what reason are you enduring all the trauma?

Give him the boot, and you and the children get a real life.
Your new son deserves better than an upset mum and a drunken, abusive dad.

Always in my prayers, Mental.

God bless
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