This is GREAT!

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This is GREAT!

"Hey You!"

Do you know how strong you are?
How much you shine
that the best is yet to come?
Yes, you...
love to the fullest,
dream what you have to dream,
fly non-stop,
open your wings,
be free!
Please, listen to me...
I'm talking to you,
release yourself,
reach every mountain,
cross every valley,
feel the breeze
caressing your face,
take a deep breath,
fall in love
with this wonderful world,
let your wings
touch the Ocean,
but please, keep on flying!
Hey, I'm still talking to you...
ease every pain,
say a gentle word,
put your chin up,
be compassionate,
embrace the ones who cry,
strenghten the weak,
move on,
don't look back,
I know how brave you are,
don't be afraid,
you're perfect in everything,
you still have hopes,
listen to me,
keep on going,
be a cute light house,
tell the world that
faith can all things,
heals all things,
and make all the difference,
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