Feeling Like I am in a GOOD Place

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Feeling Like I am in a GOOD Place

Well, life is rather complex right now....but I feel like I am in a good place. Sadly, I think it is mostly due to detachment, and focusing on myself and the kids....but is bringing me peace and happiness. My AH, I let move back in the house for now, mainly due to the fact that my pregnancy has had me in and out of the hospital for the past 5 weeks, and I need someone here to hlep with the kids while I am gone - and he is still not drinking, at least not here, and he is being a little nice than normal. That said, I know that he still does drink and that his niceness will not last - but I am absolutely ok withy that. I am not in a place where I can make any permanent decision at the moment. I also am not living in a distorted reality anymore. I know he probablly won't change and that at sometime down the road I will be required to make some tough decisions.....but I need to get through this bump in my road first! However, I do not engage in his BS anymore, and I simply live my life in the same peaceful manner that I did before he came back!! I have to say it feels really good to be in control of my own emotions and feelings and to feel that I can continue that regardless of whatever the future holds. I am SO thankful to everyone here because the posts that I read all the time, really help me. So.....excited about the upcoming birth of my son, and working on me and my life with my children - with or without my AH!
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Originally Posted by mentallyexh View Post
So.....excited about the upcoming birth of my son, and working on me and my life with my children - with or without my AH!
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I know this feeling well. I was working on my coping skills for months with detachment and boundaries in place while I worked to make myself financially sound enough to be on my own. With how hard I have struggled financially since separating from him, I often wonder how long I would have stayed had my HP not intervened in my path and gave me the push I needed to break free from him.

You do what you need to do to keep yourself on a healthy path. If he is offering some assistance with the kids (which should be an equal share as a parent but it will have to do) then accept that for now.

I wish you nothing but blessings with your mini-me-to-be!!!

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Go ask the Multivax
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My sponsor is getting ready to spawn any day now. You sure sound less hormonal than she is! Even in your circumstance. That says alot about you. :-)
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Wishing you an easy birthing, a healthy and happy baby boy, and a peaceful home.
Praying for the greatest of God's blessings to be yours.

God bless
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