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Turning a setback into a comeback

I wanted to share these two recent posts from Christine Kane's blog. I read her blog quite often and find so much of what she says to be inspiring. The two part blog posting is about how to turn a setback into a comeback.

My favorite part was toward the end:

I have one of the worst break-up stories ever. I traveled all the way to South Africa to be with my boyfriend – only to get dumped in the Johannesburg airport. (And mind you – everyone in my life heard about it, knew about it, and talked about it! It was really embarrassing.)

My translation of it, however, has nothing to do with me being a victim.

About six months before it happened, I started intending a different life. I started writing letters to God in my journal about how I didn’t know how to make any of these desired changes.

Well, here’s how I see it:

A big band of angels heard my intentions, and then visited my boyfriend in South Africa. They found a beautiful blonde Afrikaner woman and placed her in front of him. They said, “Dude. Go for it.”

And then they turned back to me and said, “Here’s your chance. Make the most of it, pal.”

Looking back, it was the most amazing thing that could’ve happened. It was hard and awful. But I was ultimately able to make the most of it by translating it differently.
The blog posts are here:

Part One.
Part Two.

I hope someone gets something out of it!
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I Love Who I Am
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Love it! Thank you!
Love is calling

"...if he's going to burn the house down, would you rather be in it with him, or safe somewhere else? I doubt you were put down here on this earth to follow a grown man with a dustpan, a fire extinguisher, and a pack of Huggies."---GiveLove
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Hey wanting, great post. I have not read the blog but that quote was great.

I like that point of view.

Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.

Alice in Wonderland
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I just went stoned cold!

When I was in bad shape with my ex of many years ago, I also would pray on how I was so desperate for it to end and prayed for the spirit to find me an out.
Well my ex left me for another woman, but I didn't know he was cheating on me for months prior.
Then when SHE confronted me and told me of the affiar, she told me "When you're drowning, God will give you a boat, you take it or drown"
I thought that was odd coming from her, so I said out loud "You're my boat, he was making me drown, he's all yours" and I realize my prayer was answered.

And I never saw him again. After 15 yrs, my prayer, as painful as they were, were answered. !

In my situation now, I pray for the same "intervention" but I also pray not to have it done with someone else, because it was just way too painful

This time I am hoping for death or dismemberment.....hahha Kidding, I am hoping for something more devine, really!
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Wanting... thank you for posting!

I found this particularly helpful:

2 – You’re not going to get back to your “Old Self.”

Sometimes during set backs, we just want things to be the way they used to be. We want our Old Self back.

But think about this. Your “Old Self” was the self that was living so unconsciously that this situation was created in order to wake her up!

You don’t want “Old Self.” You want EXACTLY who you are now. Warts, bruises, disillusionment, and all. These things transmute into wisdom. A New Self. A Wiser Self.

She is there, waiting for this stuff to fall away so she can rise up.
"The eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend".

It never pays to have a 'checkerboard mentality' when your opponent is playing Go."

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I loved that part too Hammerhead! I absolutely believe that all this horrible stuff has happened for my greater good and for the purpose of allowing me to heal my whole life and move forward into the life I want to live.
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