24 hr no contact

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24 hr no contact

After last nights episode...which I posted about earlier...I have decided at this point to only continue necessary conversations. I can not remember who said this in there post the other day, it was something about why would you want to guess their responses and let them drag you down...and to whoever said that in a nutshell Thanks!! So it's been almost 24 hrs and the only contact we've had was a text telling AH that if the snow storm is bad he may have to take our daughter to the babysitter in the morning. He responded very short with call me if you need to. That was it from him and me. Now there is that part of me that knows him all to well, and knows that this will be a "game" for him. Unless he drinks, then I am expecting some horrific texts and messages...otherwise he will see how long I can last.....I have a funny feeling the more time goes by the less I'll we'll see how that works out for him. Last night was really hurtful for me....considering the situation I was in and to see his blatant disregard for my well being and our unborn child was really tough and made me realize tha this relationship really has no future because there is absolutely no positive/loving/supportive feeling I am recieving here we go..tomorrow is day 2.
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If you really want to feel peaceful, try not even reading his texts or answering his calls.
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Yep. In fact, turn off the phone.

Good on ya. And yes, it wasn't until I had physical distance that I could enter clarity.
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Happy 24 hours!

It gets much easier with time. That realization of not being supported as you were... or as you expected... hurts, but its the key to move on. Its way more difficult to kill a fantasy. That is slavery. Now you are facing the other side, a side full of promise, peace and great moments with your kids, growing as a human, wiser and more discerning in regards to where love is present and where it isn't. And won't be.

Welcome to the side where Sanity lives!! one breathe at a time.
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that's great news. just take it one day at a time. you'll discover it gets easier and you will begin to feel normal again.
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big hugs and strength to you Mentally, you can do this, one step at a time

Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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