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OMG- another year gone. Long story short. He stayed sober 6 months, took him back, let him move in, promised to never drink again.
Then he decided he was not really an alcoholic and could have a couple beers to relax. Even though I begged him not to, he drank anyway. 3 months later, I am at fault for everything.
Same old story, I make him angry, I cause him to drink and on and on. Apparently I also caused him to send email to an ex and try to get back with her.
It ended early Sunday morning with him being arrested for unplugging me from 911 and tearing up my house.
So for Christmas, I got a restraining order. And he lost another job- which is totally not my problem anymore.
So I basically want to kick myself for believing in him- driving his sorry butt around when he did not have a license. For taking him back when all my friends told me not to.
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Originally Posted by miyah View Post
And he lost another job- which is totally not my problem anymore.
This is a great step, it isn't your problem. Yes, we all get the short end of the stick and seem to be cleaning up the "mess", but you need to take care of you first!!!
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Hi miyah!!

Welcome back! I think you will get lots of energy back now that a toxic person is not dragging you down. How typical to look for someone else when he starts sensing you do not buy his BS anymore. Good for you for learning from your mistakes and experience. The good thing is that you are free now! free from the madness that was never yours in the first place.

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Thank you both!!

I have been amazed during the last week, how quiet and peaceful my house is without the constant ranting.

Even though I have been worried that he will ignore the restraining order and just show up one night, I am gradually getting my life back.
Meanwhile the county atty is in the process of filing more serious charges. Apparently this is not the first time (no surprize) and he has previous felony convictions.

One thing that does surprize me, is how much extra time I seem to have. He had certainly taken control of most of the hours in each day. Even from work he was constantly calling. I guess to see if I was a cheat like him. Which he also accused me of.
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