Insanity!! Would a normal person respond like this???

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Bucyn- Thank you so much for your posts! I think you really cleared up for me alot of his manipulation in the first one! Now, considering that he basically is taking the tactic of ignoring or avoiding me, I think you are absolutely right. He believe that if he ignores me, I will panic. Well, I have to tell you that I did in the past, and I probably have given him the exact reaction he wanted in the past...but no more. He made this big deal the other day about seeing his daughter etc...and I would never keep her from him (unless he was drinking). Anyway, so today I had to go to the Dr. and was considering going in to work for a while, so I told him he could come watch our daughter and play with her a while so she didn't have to go with me to my classroom, and I could actulally get something done. He declined....and haven't really heard from him anymore I am sure you are right. I believe he loves his daughter, but I don't believe "spending time with her" was his point in his emails....he just knows that I can't stand to be away from her for to long so it was a way to get to me. He spend very little time with her when he lived here, and really about 10 minutes is all he has for her. It is more of a manipulation for me...anyway I am kinda just trying to explain that you hit the nail on the head and I appreciate your adding clarity and understanding to his behaviors. THANKS!
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