Progess....(not perfection!)

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Progess....(not perfection!)

Hi all! I've had two very hairy days, and I wanted to share them with you all, to give those of you hope, and to let you know that we can overcome anything.

My XABF decided to call the police on me two nights ago and report the vehicle I drive as stolen. He is absolutely IRRATE that I won't speak to him and have blocked his number. Somebody said it here...tell an alcoholic NO and watch their true colors come out. I refuse to have ANYTHING to do with him, and he is not used to this. I have only found this help through Al-anon and my higher power, which I choose to call God. So anyway, the police came, and I had such peace, I gave them the car, which they then drove down to my ex's house (3 houses down). I want to tell you all that by applying what I have learned in both programs, I prayed about it, and seriously people, yesterday at noon I had a new vehicle in my driveway!!! God is so good!! The amazing part of this is that I don't have good credit, I am living on a shoestring budget, working part time and trying to finish up Nursing school!!! Not only is the vehicle mine for as long as I need it, it is fully insured and the payments are CHEAPER!!! The XABF wanted to cripple me and leave me stranded without transportation, and God saw to it that EVERYTHING was taken care of!!!

So, for those of you that are struggling, please remember that when we feel most alone, God is always there, and will see you through anything. It is about trust today, trust that all will be taken care of, as long as I do the footwork! I don't have to be afraid today, I no longer walk in fear, and I feel truly free. I am so blown away, I just can't believe I am not his doormat anymore and that I have the strength of God behind me to stand up to this bully. I realized yesterday that this man will go to any length to get what he wants, and that's attention from me...good or bad. He is like an 8 year old in a 46 year-old body. I no longer give him ANY power in my life. So, please have a great day, and know that all things are possible with God!!! Hugs!!!
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Awesome post! Thank you for sharing your victory!
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That is great! I'm so glad you posted about it.
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What a perfect answer to your problem, and to the vicious act committed by XABF. Yes it is an eye opening experience when you trust God, or your HP to do what you can't do for yourself at times.

I had just found this little verse before coming on to SR, and thought OH Boy! Isn't this so appropriate?

When you are DOWN to nothing…God is UP to something!

Enjoy your new car.

God bless
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God is good -- ALL THE TIME!!
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I say this to myself everyday!
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Hello harley, I like your post!!! I'm curious, how did you get a new car in your driveway? I want the same thing happen to me loll
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Very inspirational post.
Thank you.
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Well, it's like this....I have a neighbor that is very well to do, and he happens to be considered the angel of our street. Elderly man, and he also has a small fleet of vehicles that he owns. So, I called him. He is leasing me a vehicle until I finish school and can get one on my own. He told me to take my pick, no problem, he would like to be able to help since he know's of the XABF and all he's put me through. I will pay him to use it, and I insured it today myself, because that was the right thing to do. I don't want to take advantage of him. It was the first thought in my mind after this happened, and I had to swallow my pride (false pride!) and just ask him. He didn't even hesitate. Told me he would be happy to help. I got myself a great truck for as long as I need it!! So, that's how it happened. Everything in divine order!!!
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