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I Was reading another post about attitudes towards drinking.I know I feel somewhat like the folks in that thread. I feel like half my neiborhood has a drinking problem. It sometimes makes me think this isn't a good place to raise my grandaughter.

Anyway,I have a situation here I'm not sure how to handle. I thought I might ask others what they would do. My A has a cookoff to go to in a couple weeks(he's a good cook,thing is,he likes to drink while he cooks).Anyway,he really wants me to go with him.At first I made excuses not to go,then finally I told him the truth.I didn't want to go because its going to be one BIG DRUNK for him. Other members from his side of the family are going but they all enjoy drinking.However my brother-in-laws new girlfriend is not a drinker,come to think of it my brother-in-law doesn't drink anything near what my husband does.

I began to think about how long its been since I've gone anywhere. I could use a short time away from the house and kid so I thought maybe i'd go.

I've been going over it in my mind and I just can't decide.I know there's going to be alot of drinking going on(and I do have an attitude about adults who get drunk).But nothing says I have to sit there all day just watching everybody get drunk(don't get me wrong,I'll have a couple drinks now and then,I just don't drink till I'm drunk)Anyway,I'm sure they'll be other things I could do(it will be a festival setting).Hell, just laying in a hotel room all day would be a break for me!

It sounds as though I'm trying to convince myself to go!Once again I'm rambling on and on...

WOULD YOU GO? Thanks,Karen
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Karen, I have been in sinular situations with my husband and his father and two brothers. I would go to an event like my brother in laws wedding and all the guys would be drinking heavily. Then begining of the party would be ok but by then end they would all be drunk and the fighting and crazy behavior would start. Like they would go into the bar after the wedding and get in a group fight with another bunch of drunks. Then there is blood and cops and craziness.

I have decided not to go to another event when all the "boys" got together to drink. I just won't go anymore, it is not worth it.

Your situation might not be so extream, and if you can really get away from the group it might be ok. But if it was me, I would skip the party. A night out with the girls or to a movie, would be better in my book. Good luck.
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Hey Karen.

If you think it would be fun... go. You're not endorsing anybody's drunkeness by having a little fun at a cook-off. I sure do understand what everyone is talking about with the "attitude" thing, though. My "attitude" is kind of on and off. Sometimes I'd like to run my car through the windows of liquor stores and sometimes I'd kind of like a drink. It's an interesting thing about triggers.

If you feel yourself getting tense, you can always leave. Have some backup fun planned so you don't have to feel like "they" ruined your afternoon... just that plan B looked like more fun.

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Thanks for the imput.My problem isn't as extreme as fighting,Its just that my husband acts so stupid when he gets drunk that it gets on my last nerve!!
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