I am a partner of an alcoholic

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I am a partner of an alcoholic

Hello everybody,

I have been riding a roller coaster ride with my partner for 2 and 1/2 years my partner is clean now for 11 days now she's having the erge everyday to drink because of the withdrawls she's having really bad ones. I'm afraid she will drink again this is not the first time she has tryed to stop drinking I really hope that this time she will do it for real but I'm not holding my breath because I know the chances are 50/50. I really hope she has the will power this time I'd really like to get on with our life and stop fighting about this issue daily but I know that this is not about me but about her and her alcoholism. I really am trying to be there in support or for her to lean on any time but it's hard because I don't want to get my hopes up to be crushed again.

We are an alternative relationship and that is hard as it is I hope that this forum is a open minded one and won't shut me out . Please if you know of any other places that would be better for me let me know.
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Hi Kimberly, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. It seems to me she may need to be in rehab or something, with her withdrawls and bad one's at that. I'd advise you should call AA or the hospital where you are and ask for advice, get professional help, it sure can't hurt to ask.

I hope the best for both of you, hey she's going in the right direction wanting to stop, that's great.

Luv and hugs......Just Me.....Denise
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Hi Kimberly

Of course you are welcome here. I'm sorry that your partner is having such a hard time trying to quit drinking. I agree with Denise, she might need the help of a rehab program. Don't forget that you need some help with this as well. Alanon refers to alcoholism as a "family disease" because it affects everyone in the family. You sound like you are giving your partner great support. Don't forget to get some support for you as well.
You will find a lot of experience, strength and hope in this forum. I hope you stick around.
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Hi Kimberly, How are you doing? I know about the rollercoaster and the hopes of recovery. Just try to remember that there are other people here that share your pain and concerns, no matter what the relationship is.
Try to keep your chin up. Webweaver (Karen)
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I am confused. My husband is an alcoholic, though will not admit it. Hit a crisis in our 18 year marriage 2 years ago when twins left for college. Much anger built up over the years were focused at me. I went for counseling, felt totally at fault and depressed and learned that I was living with an alcoholic. I should say that he is a very high functioning alcoholic, very good job. Here two years later same thing. We are about to embark on marriage counseling, but with alcohol in the picture is this worthwhile. Last several days for him, no drinking and me too, I am not an alcoholic but probably when emotionally upset, even 1 or 2 glasses of wine put me in a bad state. Hope for the best, we are committed but think he wants excitement, Can provide excitement we have a lot of fun together but am fearful that his expectations due to alcohcol have become do distorted that we will not be able to reconcile his feelings.
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Red face


I was pretty long winded but sounds like we share some of the same things
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Hi Kimberly,

Welcome. I hope you're partner finds the strength to change. More importantly for you, I hope you take care of yourself through this. You said you are in an abusive relationship. Are you in physical danger? If so, please consider going somewhere safe.

Hang in there,

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