behind my back

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behind my back

I was just reading some posts...and it got me thinking....
Do you know what scares me the most is I realized a pattern. I am a school teacher and right now I am home ALL the time. However what happens when I go back to school? In the past he would go to the bar while I was at work, or drink while watching our baby, and by the time I got home be drunk and asleep......I am SO scared that is going to happen again. Seems to me last summer he "cut down' while I was home, and when I went back he "went back". Remembering this reality makes me SO nervous........I know I can't make him STOP - hmmmm....I don't know what, but this is really grating on me right now............can I live with this, I wish I could answer that right now!
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If he is putting the safety and welfare of your child at risk, then YOU need to change that. Find childcare or a friend to watch baby when you go to work. I would never trust an active alcoholic with a child. I have a baby and there is no way in heck I would allow him to watch her unsupervised. He may have good intentions of staying sober, but history speaks different. Don't wait for a tragedy to happen.
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You can take care of that nervousness now by making other arrangements for the baby to ensure that baby is safe and taken care of by a responsible person when you go back to work.
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can I live with this, I wish I could answer that right now!
When do you think you'll be able to answer that, mentallyxah? After something happens to your children?

You have the power to do something about it now, and I hope you will.
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doesn't sound like a good situation, mentally exhausted. you have an opportunity now that you are not working to take some action on this situation. you should not leave a baby with someone who is actively drinking while watching the baby.

keep talking it thru with everyone here. it is good to reality check with sober, sane, actively recovering people.
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If you were researching daycare facilities for your child and heard of one where the caretakers were drinking all day while watching the children, to the point to being passed out when the parents came to pick up their children at the end of the day, what would you do? Would you choose to let them care for your child?
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This whole situation is going to be hard on you, on your baby and those children you will be teaching, because you will be worrying about your baby and husband, and unable to concentrate on your job.
Your first priority is BABY, it's safety and well being are in your hands and if your husband is drinking then that child is NOT safe.

Please look at finding someone, perhaps a single mum or older woman, who could do with some extra cash and who is capable of caring for your little one.

God bless
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