I have a wonderful "recovered/ing A" in my life

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I have a wonderful "recovered/ing A" in my life

There was a lot of negativity today on the forum. There was also a lot of lumping every one into one basket - "all" Alcoholics are x,y,z.

I hate stereotyping of any kind. It is never productive.

I have always loved my uncle's second wife. Generationally she is between my mom/uncle and myself. She is a really interesting person and I was thrilled when she joined the family about 16 years ago. We had daughters a year apart. I even started to "like" my uncle more. Never really liked him but I so respected my new aunt that I decided if she loved him enough to marry him he couldn't be all that bad.

My aunt is an art historian, ceramist, teacher, wife and mother. When you host a family occasion she always brings something to eat and then asks how she can help when she arrives. She also is actually helpful because she listens and does what you ask instead of what she thinks you need. We laugh together and we swap stories about raising teenage girls. She is one of the most thoughtful, kind and least selfish people I know. I look up to her in a million different ways and trust her advice.

About 6 months ago we were having lunch and I was sharing with her about my involvement in Alanon. I don't know why I told her, it just felt "right".

She turned to me and said that she was an alcoholic and had been in AA and sober for 23 years. I was so surprised.

We had the most wonderful talk about the programs, sponsorship, life, meetings, and our HPs. I now know that she never misses her Thursday night meeting. I am the only other family member besides her husband and daughter that is aware of this information. It has given our relationship new depth.

She is to me, a shining example of how it can work if you work it.
I feel blessed to have her in my life and as a part of my family.
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Thank you for sharing gowest.

I can feel the love in your post. It's beautiful!

Thank you for sharing that with your SR family
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Thank you so much, gowest.

I am blessed to have several such people in my life (some of whom post here).

Although I am not alcoholic, I hope to earn the right to have people in my life speak as kindly of me as you do of your aunt. I know many alcoholics in recovery who wish the same thing every day of their lives, and who are working to get there.

((( gowest )))
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I also have an aunt who is a recovering alcoholic, and in October she will receive her 17 yr. coin. Like your aunt, she is a wonderful, loving person. Unfortunately, she lives across the country so we don't get to see her much but she was just in town for a little over a month to help care for my mother who was going through cancer treatments. She was a Godsend! Because she was there my brother and I were able to minimize the time we had to take off work to care for her. Plus, she is a CNA so she really knew how to deal with "things" that we might not have dealt with as well. She has also been very helpful and supportive to me in dealing with my AH.

I believe there are many, many wonderful people who just happen to also be recovering alcoholics! Thanks for posting this! It's great to hear and tell the positives too!
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Thank you for your post. I too have wonderful friends including ones met at open AA meetings, all recovered(ing) Others no longer feel the need to go to AA as they simply lead normal lives.
Some friends shared their alcoholism history after learning about the tragedy with my AW, and I was floored to learn they were once addicts.

People can and do recover all the time. We cannot predict who and when though, we can just hope.

People on this forum are here cause they are going through a difficult time due to a loved one and alcoholism, therefore we expect to read a lot of heartaching stories.

Perhaps there should be a new forum created for dtories of recovery.
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