family event.....used to be

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family event.....used to be

Well, what a day....5 days dry, but he's still angry, ANGRY...and not admitting a problem.
He has yelled at me all morning....told me I suck in front of my kids, grabbed me by the arm to control me and try to MAKE me not be angry for him yelling at me in church, flipped me off at my parents, and he took a nap, played internet and felt sorry for himself there.....
His behaviors are so strange to me.......he is SO mean to me.
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Okay. I'm sorry you are dealing with that but, why do you put up with it? What are you getting out of the relationship?

As a side note - the first time he put his hands on me to MAKE me do anything would be the last time he would be close enough to touch me.
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Someone needs a cookie.


He is having withdrawals from alcohol. Alcohol is readily absorbed by every cell in the body and it is converted to sugar/energy. Mid to late stage alcoholics eat very little, most of their calories are taken from alcohol. It is not uncommon for them to crave sugar during withdrawal. When the blood sugar drops, so does the patience.

I'm a recovering alcoholic. It was recommended to me, here at SR, to keep hard candy available. I was diagnosed as hypo-glycemic years ago. Alcohol did nothing to correct the condition, it made it worse. Alcoholics coming off of alcohol are often diagnosed with it. Best treatment for hypo-glycemia is mini meals of whole foods. Fruits, grains, nuts, etc...

Here's a link from our alcoholism forum. It contains excerpts from a book "Under the Influence". It describes what happens to every part of an alcoholics body when they become addicted. I recommend that book and the follow-up book "Beyond the Influence" as they have diet recommendations for hypo-gylcemia.

Keep in mind, if your A is not getting help recovering from alcohol and is simply choosing sobriety, this may be as good as he gets.
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If a man (or anyone for that matter) told me that I suck in front of my kids, flipped me off and laid his hands on me he would be GONE for good (and probably in jail for DV).

Just in case you don't know, you do not have to put up with this kind of crap.
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