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What kind of counsellor would you guys suggest? I se a psychiatrist but he doesn't really address the AH issue. Any suggestions?
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a better one who does?
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A psychologist who specializes in addiction/alcoholism and the family dynamic.

Adding: My counselor didn't specialize in this, but she was awesome 'cause she specialized in me She was the couch I needed to get me off my butt and back into the game.
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An addicition specialist, maybe.
I'm sure your doc is capable, he's just not the righ fit for you at this time, no?
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Most of the Psychiatrists in my area manage the patients from a meds perspective and leave the counseling to psychologists. Many have some on staff or some for referral. Could it be that this might be the setup and you weren't aware of it???
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I would find someone by word of mouth. My counselor is not a liscenced counselor at all, but an ordained minister who has a counseling practice out of her home. I personally know 6 people besides myself who have seen her and they all thought she was gifted. A good friend of mine has been in and out of therapy the majority of her life with counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists and I referred her to mine. She (my friend) said the counselor is the best she has ever seen and for once, finally, she feels like she may be able to resolve her issues and not be in counseling forever.

IMO a good counselor won't keep you coming back forever, but will get to the issues, get you healthy (actually it's you that will do that and not the counselor), and move you least that's how mine practices.
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I found my counselor through my pastor. They have been friends for years. His is a Christian based counselling service.
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Have you asked your psychiatrist about this concern? If they are unable or unwilling to address that issue, they will certainly be able to refer you to someone who is able to help. Its not a one-size-fits all profession and most are more interested in getting you the help you need than keeping you pigeon-holed in something that isn't working just to keep you money flowing into their pockets.

Also...the internet is a pretty good resource. I googled "addictionologist family counseling" (and my location)....and sure enough...the reputed top guy in the area popped right up.

You're right to ask questions if your current therapy isn't meeting your needs...just be sure to keep asking questions until you find something that fits. You'll know.
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I looked for a counselor that had worked in codependency and children of damaged parents (ACoA etc.) He has helped me to figure out why I continually chose people who disrespected and hurt me, over and over again. I didn't see the use of a counselor who specialized in addiction....that only kept the focus on my X, and not on me. I just tried googling "psychologists bowling green kentucky" and came up with a few...but I agree that word of mouth is a great way to find someone compatible.
Good luck!! This might be huge for you.
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