What my life looked like less than 6 months ago

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What my life looked like less than 6 months ago

I was reading through some old posts and found this from a few days before Christmas.

For those of you that feel nothing will ever I sit, with my "furball" sleeping next to me, younger kids tucked in, no TV blaring, no music playing over and over, no smells of stale beer. I have a candle filling the air with the scent of vanilla, the house is clean, laundry done (not sure why housework is so much easier now), no tension, no anxiety. My teenager is outside shooting hoops instead of holed up in his room.

For those of you with kids are more relaxed, calmer, arguing amongst each other less. I know it's only been a couple weeks since STBXAH moved out, and we'll hit some bumps in the road, but overall I think the change is pretty dramatic.

In the last 6 months I've lost my dad, changed jobs, and filed for divorce. That's a whole lot of opportunity for growth! I believe my glass is not half full, it's overflowing!
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Wow! What a difference 6 months makes, eh?
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I'm growing
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Oh Blessed I am so happy for you.

I agree that house work does seem more joyful!

I went back and read my old posts too (after I moved out). It is such a great feeling to see how far we have come. It is funny cause I get more out of the responses from everybody now than I did at the time??? I guess I can understand them better (If that makes any sense).

My AH was at older dd softball game tonight and had been drinking, and I thought to myself " How great is it that I can go home and not have to deal with that anymore."
DD won her game and I treated her and the 2 little ones to ice cream.

Thanks for reminding me how nice my serenity is
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Wow... blessed your post is just what I needed to read today.. thank you for reminding me to look at how far I have come :ghug
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You have all come so far. One of the blessings of SR is that we have a historical record of this, we have a history together. It's just brilliant, and at least once a day, seeing how far someone has come will make tears come to my eyes. (like right now, for example.....)

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