AH went to docs today-given meds

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AH went to docs today-given meds

AH went to doctors today as he is pretty sick. Doctor (new to him) asked questions and he usually tried to downplay things a little but for the most part was honest. MY husband had been in pharmaceutical sales and of course tries to "know it all". He asked about getting some valium as he had read that was good for withdrawal. Doctor just about laughed at him. I almost found it amusing myself. Doc prescribed lorazepam and clonidine and see him in a week. Blood work for liver function and sugar. Of course he told him no A. We will see where this goes. I know he's feeling awful right now and the next few days will not be pleasant with the withdrawal. Anyone out there been though this with these drugs? His Blood pressure was high also. He had been diagnosed with a diff. doctor for diabetes last year, does not take his meds for that either.

Then I just got on his computer and found some girly porn he sent to himself. Oh great, another issue.

One thing I have noticed is that he smells? Is it the alcohol coming out of the pores? Not quite sure what it is and his breath has also been unpleasant. He is not a pretty site. Its such a shame because he was always meticulous about his looks and it saddens me it has come to this. I am still trying to be hopeful.

Please comment and let me know what I am in for here at home the next several days. thanks and God Bless.
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No good experience or advice to share, member, just a hug and good luck
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One thing I have noticed is that he smells? Is it the alcohol coming out of the pores? Not quite sure what it is and his breath has also been unpleasant.
He smells because of the alcohol and because his body is 'literally' rotting from the inside out. That smell gets stronger as the disease progresses.

His breath is probably from his 'unchecked' diabetes.

No doctor here, just been there and done that. <vbg> (grinning because I did survive)

The meds the Dr gave him, IF he takes them will ease some of the withdrawals, but he will still need to have an eye kept on him and be prepared to call 911.

I sure do 'love' (said a bit sarcastically) the tenacity of us alkies. We will try everything that might, just might, allow us to keep drinking before giving in, and some of us never 'give in'.

When I finally hit recovery I found out there were 3 UPs for an alcoholic.

LOCKED UP yep did that one, it didn't stop me.

COVERED UP well ....... wasn't buried, but did die.

SOBERED UP I was given a second chance and found recovery.

Sad to say many alcoholics never do. I don't mean to bring down your hopes, just trying to keep you in reality as to 'your hope' versus the reality of the situtation.

Since you are still 'sticking it out' what are YOU doing for YOU? What are you doing about going on with YOUR life and NOT focusing on the A? What are you doing to NOT get further 'sucked in' on HIS roller coaster ride? Yep, I sucked folks in, and then in recovery got married to an A (not drinking but switched addictions to gambling and exhibited all the drinking behaviors) and turned into the 'suckee' until I found Al-Anon and started to do for me.

I am sure you loved your A at one time, however, that person that you loved is not the person you are now with. Can you step back and just observe? It will give you a little peace, it did for me. I would watch out of 'the corner of my eye, lol' in 'case of emergency', and just let him run with his current addiction.

I understand wanting all the information you can get. I can also tell you that if one is not of an addictive nature, it will be hard to comprehend. Heck, I am an alcoholic (albeit sober quite a while) and I don't understand it. I am sure your A does not either. Just please do not drive yourself crazy 'trying' to understand.


Please keep posting and let us know how YOU are doing as we do care very much.

Love and hugs,
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I thought he was going to rehab..?
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My AH was given lorazepam to ease withdrawal by our local hospital's E.R. Since he didn't have anymore booze in the house, or he was completely fried after drinking for two weeks straight, he took 23 of the 30 tablets in 9 hours. I was asleep and not aware that he had taken so many. That is, until two deputy sheriffs were in my living room at 7:30 a.m. because AH had attempted to drive his truck to the hospital to get his medical records. He hit a wall in our neighborhood right next to a group of kids who were waiting for the school bus.

A neighbor called the law; meanwhile, AH left the scene and drove back home.

I've also watched AH go through withdrawal several times without the aid of any drugs. He spent two days vomiting, shaking, sweating, and had a seizure.

I've noticed that smell on AH more frequently when he drinks hard liquor. It reminds me of formaldehyde. Since he has now established (in his mind, at least) that he is in "control" of his drinking, he touches nothing but wine. I don't notice the smell as much. On the other hand, I live on the other side of the house, so I don't get close enough to take a whiff.

I can't tell you what to expect since each individual is different.
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google "fetor hepaticus" breath from diabetes (sugar high) is more of a sweet smell.
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I'm not a doctor, but clonidine is usually given to stop the sweating and lorazepam an anti depressant I think. I will check for you tomorrow at work. They are not going to help him much at all, he is still going to do the full rattle. Rattle sweat is pungent and a smell that cannot be described - just a horrible sweaty smell but not normal sweat. Diabetic breath can be like pear drops or as one of my clients had a very chemical solvent type smell, like white cider only also like a glue. Hope this is helpful, but I will double check the medications.
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