Stressed to the max

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Stressed to the max

well Im sitting here, trying not to flip my lid, on the verge of having an anxiety attack.
I just got home from work, the kids are being crazy.
Both nagging me, when i just want to bury my head and have a moments peace.

My ex is calling and leaving horrible messages, cause he's sober.
Im fighting with my sister, because he called her house on the weekend and left. Messages. And don't ask me why she's angry at me for the things he said.
Anyway Im not speaking to her right now because I just can't deal with it.
The kids are in both of there own rooms with both of there own different music playing at the same time........ahhhhhhh can i keep my sanity.
I just got a promotion at work yesterday, thats good news but im abit stressed wondering if i can handle it at this time in my life.
I have a big date this Saturday, and im nervouse about that aswel.
Im fearing something is going to go wrong.
I was on an upspin,,,,now im dropping a bit. Have to make sure I take care of myself so i don't slip into the darkness again.
feeling scared and overwhelmed tonight...
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I'm growing
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slow down. Take a few deep breaths. Things will be okay. Let's take this one moment at a time :ghug2
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hey Sally-
easy does it--
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Sally, can you make absolutely sure you get a long, restful night's sleep tonight? That can make all the difference between a good day and a stressful one sometimes. One of our SR folks says, "The difference between a good day and a bad day is...about 24 hours most of the time."

Tomorrow will dawn better - hang in there. Fix what you can (like consider blocking "his" number) and let your HP take care of the rest. You're doing fine.
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You sound just like I did a couple weeks ago. I was totally stressed and thought I was going to have a panic attach. And guess what... the next day I felt better. Sometimes the brain just needs a bit of time to process. Even good news like the promotion can add stress when you have a lot on your plate. Just take some deep breaths and try to relax. I'm sure that you will handle all this just fine.
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You have a whole lot going on, honey, and all of it is really good! I think you're looking at things the way I do when I don't stop to really see what's going on around me.
Here let me help you...

1) You have a j-o-b baby and one that you just got a promotion with! Yes, that comes with more responsibility, but that is because you are capable regardless of the circumstances.
2) You have kids that act as all kids do..needy..but despite the noise, they do go to their separate corners. With some earplugs, you'd probably enjoy them more. LOL!
3) Your Ex leaves you messages. Who cares how nasty they are...messages can be deleted!! If I could hit a button to let things go that bothered me I'd be in h-e-a-v-e-n!
4) Your Ex calls someone else instead of you. Nice! Your sister can't see that a grown man makes his own decisions and isn't governed by you. Clearly you are all powerful. I'm jealous.
5) You have a date!!! I have had some truly horrifying dates in my time, laughingly horrible, and I would repeat those weekly rather than deal with a binging alcoholic any time.
Oh, and...
You are here sharing with us, and that's my favorite part.

I'll be thinking peaceful, bubble bath thoughts for you. Hope you find some Zen.

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