I want to vomit

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I want to vomit

I just discovered some things about my husband that he had kept hidden from me. These are things from his past as well as things that have happened during our marriage. These are things that aren't necessarily connected to drinking. I always admired my husband for his high moral character and I am coming to the realization that perhaps his character isn't as high as I thought. I know that this isn't a case of me seeing only what I wanted to see. These are things that he kept hidden from me. Not stuff that is particularly earth shattering; nonetheless, they were still hidden from me. I expected more than this.

For the first time in this marriage I am feeling truly stuck. I'm having a hard time finding a job. I need to get a job and get the hell out of here.

I want to vomit...I am so upset.
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Sorry it hurts. Keep moving forward, and the hurt will get in the past, someday.

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So sorry, SJLady

Sometimes it takes some ugly stuff to really give us the kick in the butt we need to get away from unhealthy, unethical people.

If you keep moving forward, day by day, soon this pain will be in your rear-view mirror.

Good luck!
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Hey, I just had an awesome counseling session today and we spent some time talking about my situation which is similar.....I am getting a strong gut feeling that my AH has cheated, and may currently be. Other things that reveal poor character have also started to surface.

Anyway, my counselor said that it is likely that as I am ready to handle the truth, more will be shown. I call it God, some people may see it as the universe, karma, or just coincidence, but the healthier I get the more "evidence" I'm finding of how sick he is.......and the funny thing is that I'm not even going searching for it! The other thing I found validating was that in her experience, when someone gets that strong "gut feeling", it's usually accurate AND it usually is revealed in just the right time.
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