Need a dose of courage

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again my heart goes out to you. "using" or not while actually at work and liability is a question for lawyers to answer. i would take an educated guess and say that active chemical addiction even without actually using on the job can and does blunt cognitive skills.

you and only you can decide what u want to do. you might want to know the legal ramification of possible courses, and for this, a lawyer is best qualified.

sounds like you will have no problem showing he is alcoholic. how did you make ends meet when he was in prison?
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How does this happen to a smart, caring, sweet, lovely man?

How did this happen to YOU!!!??

I am so tired of worrying and am convinced that the challenges I will face without him will pale in comparison to what I am living now.

When I finally divorced my ex I had a huge uphill slog of financial worries and also all the painful changes (social, family etc) of being divorced and the burden of single motherhood etc- bit I tell you what: not a single one of those struggles, not one, was as hard on me as a day in my unhealthy marriage!! Lifestyle change?? Bring it on! Financial difficulties? Let me at 'em!! All the problems I was left with after my divorce were just that: problems. Difficult for sure, but able to be overcome with a plan - a plan that was sometimes executed baby step by baby step - but a plan that I was in charge of, and I could seek and accept help to carry out, and I could MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

Many lawyers will speak to you for a short period of time without charge - make a list of questions and start asking around,

Being in the stage where I was telling myself "I can't" or "This will never work" or "How am I ever gonna..." kept me stuck. Don't tell yourself "No." Make a little plan and try to stick to it each day. If a lawyer won't speak to you for 20 minutes for free call another one. Just begin....a body in motion tends to stay in motion!

Peace and (((hugs))) and a shot of courage!!
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