ot-funny thanksgiving story

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ot-funny thanksgiving story

my brand new dil is so innocent that it is refreshing. i love her to pieces.

this thanksgiving at her moms house, her mom said.....tessa, you are a married woman now and need to learn to carve the turkey.

sweet tessa says ok, and pushes up her sweater sleeves. then she stands there, not knowing where to start.

her mom said first you have to scoop out the dressing. so tessa starts to piddle around getting little bitty spoon fulls of dressing. her mom have to get a big spoon and really get up in the cavity to get out the dressing.

so tessa dives in and hits something. horrified, she said.....what is that. her mom comes over and says let me see that. mom pulls out a little rock cornish game hen and exclaims.....this turkey was pregnant!!!!

tessa was backing up and flipping both of her hands up and down and squalling......on no! oh no! that's awful!!!!

mom pulls of a little leg and takes a bite of it and says.....awww, that will be good eatin......real tender you know.

tessa bout hit the floor. instead she sat down, still squalling and said....we need to call wal-mart right now and tell them they sold us a pregnant turkey.

i tell ya, it was one of the funniest things i have ever seen. her mom kept it secret from everyone.

finally, i said.....honey, poultry lay eggs. and she says, i know, but this is a turkey!

the place went up for grabs.
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Oh my Lord, I am busting a gut here!
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I needed a good laugh, and I laughed so hard that if I don't find a potty soon I'll pee my pants! Thanks for sharing that!!
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