It's the little things that make me smile...

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It's the little things that make me smile...

It's been a quiet day today, just 20 year old AD and me. We're getting together with my folks on Saturday to see the new Brad Pitt movie and eat.

Things are really tight the end of the month, and then with a dog who was critically ill, well let's just say it's extra bad this month.

AD slept in late, and I just puttered around the house a bit and then surfed the internet.

I remembered I had some skinless chicken breasts I had frozen earlier this month, so I got those out and started boiling them in a pot of water.

I made a big batch of homemade noodles while the chicken was cooking, added some chicken stock, and now we've got a nice big pot full of homemade chicken and noodles that will last for several days.

AD went out to the car to check her tip money jar (she delivers for Pizza Hut) and she had enough money for us to go to our small theater here tonight and see the Disney movie Bolt. We can even get a 2 person combo for 6.50 with unlimited refills. Oh yeah, and if we sit in the balcony (adults only), the ticket taker comes up and gets everyone's refills for them so no one has to get up!

I am so grateful for days like this, when I am reminded it's the simple things that bring joy.

We don't have much materially in our house, but we are incredibly blessed!
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I love your attitude.

Money is very tight at our house, this Christmas, too. Dad apologized, this morning, for not having anything for me. Before I had time to think of an answer, I said "I don't want anything...I have what I need, I have my family".

Now, my family can be pretty dysfunctional at times, and there are times they drive me crazy. However, no matter what happens, there is love in this house, and that's what matters.

My 15-year-old niece made us all cards and wrote us each a letter. THAT was the best Christmas gift I could ever have received, and one I will keep forever.

I hope you two enjoy your day, and that all your furbabies are doing well.

Hugs and prayers!

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Thanks Amy!

My gosh, we really enjoyed the movie. The hamster character was just hysterical!

That is so sweet what your niece did for all of you! My grandkids called and talked to me a bit today, and I enjoyed that.

The zoo crew is doing well. With so many senior dogs, I just treasure each day I have with them.
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thanks for the reminder to appreciate the little things and to make a good day
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