Im new

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Im new

I am new to the forum and wanted some help on where to find others in my situation. I have married three times, divorced twice all to the same man. i am guessing we are both co-dependent. He has a homosexual background and has violated our marriage more than once. He is not an alcoholic but the son of one and I believe his premature birth resulted from parental acoholism. What type of forum can I look for to find others in this situation. Our marriage is in peril again due to my distrust of him, his refusal to care about my distrust and his angry outbursts and mood swings
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Welcome to SR Candace ! Glad that you found us! You are in the right place and forum-

Have you tried going to Al-Anon? It is just a thought to consider....even just to go and listen at a meeting or two.

I have learned over the years that I cannot change anyone but myself! I cannot allow certain behavior in my life anymore. I still learn a lot on a daily basis from a lot of great people here at SR!

I cannot sit and take someones inventory and try to figure out why they are the way they are-it takes to much energy from myself and it is their choice to take their own inventory and change it not mine. We do not have to allow this in our lives but it is not our job to change them to suit our needs.....all we can do is change ourselves and or our situation by removing ourselves from it.

Please check out the stickies at the top of this forum as there is a wealth of information-and take a look around some of the other forums as we all gain knowledge from one another in all of SR!

Glad that you are here
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his refusal to care about my distrust and his angry outbursts and mood swings
As someone who has done EXTENSIVE work on my marriage, reading, and counseling... I have to say that is a huge red flag to me. He's not putting you first. Something/someone is more important to him than you, his spouse... which isn't normal. Look around and see what is the most important thing to him.
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