Step Daughter Admitted Alcohol Problem - Now What?

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Step Daughter Admitted Alcohol Problem - Now What?

My 23 year old step-daughter just admitted to her mother she has a problem with alcohol. I am new to this situation and want to know how we can handle helping her out. She is still on her father's (my husbands) health insurance until 12/31/2008, Blue Cross Blue Sheild program. Do they help with these type of situations?

I am hoping she will admit to us as well so we can seek recovery for her, but I do not even know where to begin. She is single, not in a relationship and has been completely unable to live a normal life due to exhorbinate monetary spending habits and partying style. She is very easy on the eyes and has been blessed with most things being handed to her because of such. Now things are tough and I just want to know what we can do to assist her and help her get on with her life... sober!

Thank you so much in advance.

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First of all WELCOME and GOOD FOR YOU! for reaching out to this site and sharing.

Secondly, WOW we have the same stepdaughter?

Sounds like you really want to help... I want to do the same for my step daughter who has said she has a problem.

Usually the decent ins programs have coverage for treament. They do an evaluation and will recommmend either outpatient or inpatient treatment depending on the severity of the case.

Its tough though knowing when to step in or "if" to. In our case, we are waiting for her to come forward to us and ask for help rather than chasing her down. They wont really get better until they are ready to. If however she has told her mom "I want to get help" then I think it would be appropriaate for her dad to tell her he would be willing to take her for the evaluation. Try not to set any expectations for how it all should go though, becasue its really up to her and may take a while.

These are my opinions and experience only. Others will have their persepctives!
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Call the insurance company. I'm glad I called mine, they told me exactly how to access my benefits.

I'm glad you are here.
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Originally Posted by jehnifer View Post

These are my opinions and experience only. Others will have their persepctives!

My perspective is.... she's an adult, she's admitted she has a problem (from what you posted I'm assuming she hasn't admitted it to you) and it's her problem to deal with now, not yours. If you have a problem with her drinking then that is your problem and seperate from hers.
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