arggh just need to vent

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arggh just need to vent

ok had no contact with xabf/xaf. he respected that and stopped calling, then he was the first on the scene to a fatal crash. I cracked and replied to his phone message.

but seems that even though (or maybe because) I didn't deny his implication that I took another man's phone call the other night, he sees this as an open door to call again tonight.

i don't want him back in my life. Even though I was horrified by what he witnessed and compelled to comfort him as i would any other human, I sincerely have no love left for him. As you can probably all understand, he's just broken the bond. I simply am done with him.

is there anything I can do. or just ignore it and know this too shall pass?

man he makes me ANGRY!
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Ignore It!!!!
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Think of it this way:

Your ex was first on the scene of a fatal crash and he used that tragic event in an attempt to weasel himself back into your life. How do I know this? Richard tried the same tactic on me (the scenario was a bit different, but not much).

When Richard was actively drinking he didn't feel or show compassion for anyone. But he never passed up an opportunity to try and weasel himself back into my life. Most people would see a stranger's death as a tragic event; Richard saw it as an opportunity.

When I looked carefully at Richard's motives, it was easy to enforce my no-contact rule.
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I absolutely agree with FD, and experienced the same from my exAH. Just ignore once again and he will get the message. TAKE CARE OF YOU.
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