Prayers needed

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Prayers needed

I have to attend a meeting today that I dread. I dread it because the issue pushes or has pushed all my codie buttons. I know I am where I should be at this moment and I am doing my best. But I am anxious and a little scared. I can do this....I can do this. Thanks in advance!! I'll imagine you all on my shoulders.
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for your strength & courage as you face your meeting...
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Recovering Codependant
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Thinking of you!

Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Best of luck. Thoughts and prayers with you.
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I'm with you in spirit (and will knock you upside the head as necessary ).
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Thoughts are with you
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Hugs and prayers to you!
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I am proud of myself because I can see my recovery having an effect. The meeting was much easier than I anticipated. I had prayed to accept whatever the outcome was. It was mostly good, a part was not but I am OK with it. I did my leg work, stood up for myself with calmness and dignity, and didn't slink away before giving it my best try. I learned some interesting things and the bad part is just that, a bad part, but I don't have my undies in a big knot over it. Hurray!!!!!! Best of all I left with a bounce in my step and a sense of accomplishment. Thanks for the prayers.
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