Can you believe...

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Can you believe...

the things an alcoholic will do in order to get money to support their habit?

I met with my lawyer on Wednesday to go over some last minute "stuff" before the Aug. 6th court date for our divorce hearing. My lawyer had sent my STBXAH a list of questions he needed to answer (where do you work, have you been arrested, etc). One of the requests she made was that he produce a copy of his tax return.

He had been living with a "friend" (actually let's just call her what she really is...his dope dealer). Well, they filed "married filing jointly" and he claimed her son as his. Ah, small problem...they're not married. OMG!!! Oh yeah, let's not forget the fact that he has not supported his own son in over a year and now he's claiming someone else's.

My lawyer couldn't believe it when she saw it and neither could I. The once responsible man I knew has now committed a federal offense by lying on his taxes. They got back quite a bit of money and a nice stimulus check also. STBXAH is probably very worried at this point since this will be brought up in court.

It is totally shocking...the complete 360 he has done from the person I married 16 years ago. He used to be a police officer, sworn to uphold the law. Now, he is going to be in a really big mess. It really is so sad.

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As an alcoholic I went to extremes to get money to get booze, even I look back now and think, OMG what was I thinking but hey, that's alcoholism for you!

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WOW.......just wow.....

He will suffer his consequence hun... as the plot thickens huh ???
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Yeah, it should be really interesting when we go to court.

It's just too bad that he had to resort to something like this instead of seeking the help he truly needs.

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hello, I can totally relate to your post. My STBXAH is very very selfish. he too is a police officer and I had just really expected a mature, man but what I have is a selfish, child of a man.

My STBXAH has been not drinking for almost a year but he is nowhere near the man I knew. He is more selfish now then when he was drinking every day. Everyone is so proud of his sobriety but I constantly say "actions speak louder than words". He is a mean, person to me and hates me. I have big shoulders so I can take it and you can too.

Most times when he shows his "true colors" it gives me validation that I have made the right choice by divorcing him.

I wish you nothing but the best. You need to concentrate on you and realize that there is nothing you can do to change him. You will only make yourself crazy in the processs.
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