I totally went off the map yesterday!

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Angry I totally went off the map yesterday!

Okay...yesterday was like the worst of all days here lately! I had 5 kids in the house. 1 was Bi-polar without meds and my son ADHD,my daughter who follows Miss Bi-polar around acting out with her and the 2 and 3 year old getting picked on by Miss Bi-polar and Miss Copy Cat! Well, my husband didn't get home until 8pm last night and to say the least I was MAD! Those kids drove me almost to the drinking point! HA ha!! Anyhow, I was so sick yesterday with vomiting and extreme nausea etc....Then in walk Mr. Jacka$$ holding a 40 of BUD! He hadn't had a drink in a week or so. I went off like a rocket before I could hold my tongue and WOW WEE!! What a night I had. I started the whole thing by calling him every SOB in the book, including self righteous. Well, I failed miserably but I sure felt better. Released alot of built up tension! Slept well. Don't even feel guilty. Should I? So maybe I should've kept my mouth shut but he knew before he came home that my day was really from sh**! He shouldn't have even thought of going there. If he has the nerve to go there even after knowing my day was so crappy the he deserves every thing he got. And guess what? I'm still Pi****!

I'm not gonna apologize for anything. I'm not going to bow down to him anymore. I usually keep my mouth shut but I truly lost it!

Oh well, maybe I'll do better next time. Or just paint his ugly toenails again except paint them lime green instead of pink. Stupid little man!

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Some days just stink!!! And 5 kids and one A add up to big time stress for anyone, so don't be too hard on yourself.

I don't have any "fix it" solutions for this kind of problem, but maybe if there is any way you can get some help with the kids once in a while, and have some time just for you to relax and unwind, it might help.

So for now, all I can do is send you ten of my best hugs and a million prayers that today will be better and that you can have a break from all this for a bit.
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Perhaps the next thing to do is go over to the Recovery Follies and have yourself a good laugh--it can be very healing!

Take some time for yourself today--you need it!

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2many, I am so sorry that you had a bad day. I know exactly what you mean by a house full of kids and a husband who gets his work-out from lifting the can of Bud to and from his mouth. You described my picture perfect home. Hang in there, we are here for you.
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I can relate to the kids.....I have three, but generally two of them have at least one friend.....or I am keeping a friends. Anyway I usaully end up with at least 5......Kool-aid dribbled everywhere, constant grazing and a million flies because they can't decide to stay in or out.

So ya blew up!!! BIG body said we were perfect anyway! You'll do better next time and NO DO NOT feel GUILTY!!! Continue sleeping like a baby.

Bless your heart, throwing up all morning? Did ya have a virus? I KNOW I would have been all over mine if he would have come in like that after I had been sick and had the kids all day. I pray that you are feeling better......that is the WORST sickness (in my opinion) to get!!!! Hope somebody fixed you some shell noodles to make you feel better (with a coke) That is what my mom always fixed me when I had a stomach virus. (that is after I could hold something down) Well if no-one did, I'll be glad fix them for you.

Take Care, Constant
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So sorry to hear about your bad day 2 many.

Well, if you slept great and don't feel guilty about losing, don't start to now!!!

Sometimes we just reach the boiling point and you reached it. I'm sure I would have flip out seeing the 40 pack!!!!!

When does school start again?????? (Argh!!)

My little one has red rash all over her cheeks and arms (starting on her back and butt too). I know!!! It's fifth disease. She isn't contageous now that the rash is out but I can't take her out too much looking like that. We went to price club (costco?) and wow did we get some looks. I bought her and her sister bratz dolls. They are now in the living room playing together (miracle) quietly (miracle of miracles!!!!!)

Try to get out with the kids. Didn't notice where you lived but the beach or a park is a great place to go. Let them just get it all out of their systems by running around. Hopefully you're feeling better and can get out.

Hang in there!!!

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Oh Darlin' 2 many :

What a day you had....Well, If I was there I'd cook you up some home made chichen soup....That cures everything but Alcoholism...

So you blew....So what....Your still coming here and that means you're still willing to do things differently....We didn't get sick all at once so chances are we won't get well any quicker, so please be kind and gentle with yourself....Count your victoies....

If you do decide to do his nails in green can you please make one purple for me...just because God, Grams and I love you...

You're doing so great just to get up in the mornings Dear...If I could only have you're sense of humor it would be so much fun around here...I can never think as fast as the A's aroiund here can act....

Sometimes I just have to keep reminding myself that ;


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(((((((((To Everyone and Grams))))))

Oh yes the old stomach virus!!! I was soooooo sick and had those 5 kids! Oh My Goodness, my head shot off like a rocket at my husband. I still haven't apologized and I'm not going to. You know what he did????? He told the therapist all about it but didn't mention the fact that he was drinking so at the end of our session I said "Have you forgotten to tell her something?" He said ,No. Why? I said "You mean you didn't tell her about drinking last night?" BUSTED! Totally Busted!!! Well, Miss Therapist wants to see him twice a week whether I come or not. What? I was furious because I NEED therapy BAD! Panic attacks and dealing with all that I have to deal with. So I said Fine, I'll find my own Da** Dr. even though she was MY therapist to start with. And I will find someone else. To heck with that. Don't make me unimportant when I'm paying your salary witch! My husband said that I shouldn't overreact but SORRY, that was it as far as I'm concerned. I agree he needs help but professionally she shouldn't pick who needs the help worse. We should be equal. Problems are problems in my book.

I really love this place...I can come here and air out all the dirty laundry and nobody judges me!

Much Love,

I am feeling much better now. I couldn't eat for 2 days. Nothing!
I couldn't even cook much less smell it or eat it!
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I am so with you girlfriend!! I wish that my A would call me or show up so that I could rip his head off. He still has attempted any contact with me or the children. Not that I want to deal with his drinking but I would like to as least know that he feels a little bad about what he has done. Anyway keep your chin up I am know I sure am trying... something good will come around the corner really soon... ya just got to have patience....

Love and Light,
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