Strange days-little long

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Strange days-little long

Starting yesterday, furiously attempting to get all of the stuff out of the condo, ended up pulling an all-nighter, literally. But I got it done, though I still have to get back and clean out the storage unit in the basement.

Around 4 in the afternoon, the police call. The local police. Seems she's down at the station, inquiring about her van. Had meant to call and give them a heads up, but between the move and the race it completely slipped my mind. I think somewhere in the back of my head I also believed that she would have known, by talking to enough people, that there wasn't much she could do. And she would never call the police.

The guy calling tells me that he wants me to come down to the station, bring the stuff from her van down there so that she can 'inventory' it, in a neutral location, with me there. She's accusing me of harassing her. WTF!! She had sent me several emails yesterday about the battery charger, I explained to her again that I had no idea where the thing was. No mention of the van whatsoever, then the call from the police.

Now I'm scrambling, I don't have the time or the inclination to go through this today, my tenant wants to come by at 9 and pick up the keys, I still have a lot of moving to do. The officer doesn't care, he wants me to come down at 6, maybe an hour and half from then.

My ex-neighbor at the condo is a local officer, call him and explain the situation, he knows the story, when my laptop got 'borrowed' last summer I had to file a report, to my enormous embarrassment he took the report! He tells me he'll call down and explain the situation, I stop down later-she isn't there, it's 530, and spend about 10 minutes groveling and apologizing for not calling the police sooner.

And I promise to deliver her stuff to a neutral third party that we both know, I listen to the officer leave the message on her voice mail telling her the name and the details.

And she sends me an email 2 hours later, still going on about the battery charger. Well, back to moving.
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Just keeping doing what you are doing. Get her stuff together (as soon as you possibly can) and get it to the third party and let this all be gone from your life. Talk about a merry-go-round. Yikes! Hope you get moved out okay.
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