Whatta day!!! Little long

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Whatta day!!! Little long

Very busy, get up at 6am, call from my codie friend-not that one-he's going to drive me over to the dealership to retrieve the van, had to cash it out Friday afternoon and park it on the side street. And drive me back home after it's dropped off at a secure location, she's left a lot of her stuff in the van.

Buy him breakfast, then off to the boat for the annual club regatta, not a big race but we won last year, beat our rival, a boat with the same rating as ours, plain and simple, just have to finish in front of them.

Little wrinkle, the **a** is going to be the committee boat for the finish, we have to sail by them at the finish line and they take our time. And *** will be at the party after the race, which I don't plan on attending, will hang out on the boat until the ride arrives.

The race goes badly for us until the last three miles or so, they've pulled out a 1/2 mile lead on us, at the end it simply appears that we won't have enough time to catch up to them. The day had had fairly light air, they were crewing with 4 aboard, we had 11!!, the extra weight had been killing us in the light air.

Weather was on the horizon, dark gray thunderstorm lines coming towards us, we finally pull up to where they are off our beam, maybe 200 yard away, and closer to the finish line. They're furiously reducing sail as the squall line approaches, we fly our canvas as long as prudence will allow-longer, actually, they're dropping their headsail. They can't carry the extra sail in the wind, they only have 4 sets of hands.

Now they're dropping their main, as we're scrambling to reef our main, the squall line hits like a hammer. 50 kt winds, getting slammed by steep, nasty, square waves. We pound our way to the finish, whooping and hollering all the way. What a rush!!! Only nasty bit, completely drenched by the waves and rain, and getting pelted by hail, the getting pelted was thoroughly unpleasant.

Adrenaline absolutely maxed out, we went to the yacht club-not the party site-and I drank about a half-dozen cups of black coffee to warm up, and spent the next three hours with a grin on my face that would not go away. It was the most incredible experience of my life. And we won, the other guys dropped out, never finished. The other skipper was livid, but what the hey.

And I got to break the news to the **a**, I took a picture of the tow away yesterday and put it on an envelope addressed to her, had one of the crew give it to her while I stayed on the boat, attempting to nap, completely spent. They told me it was the sort of scene with the waterworks I expected but had no desire to witness. Our ride arrived, my friends parents, they walked down to the boat to check it out, I had to walk back with them to the party location.

Not real comfortable, her kids were running around, oblivious, she walked by me several times, I avoided looking at her. And the stay was mercifully brief, my only disappointment was not being able to linger for the flag presentation, but my ride had to work at 10 tonight and I have to finish moving. Life is good.
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That sounds like an increaible race! What fun! Congrats on the win.
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Glad you won! That sounds like a great race! And, now you're all done with the van thing. That's excellent.
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Originally Posted by i4getsm View Post
Glad you won! That sounds like a great race! And, now you're all done with the van thing. That's excellent.

Just step one. Still have to get her to agree to sign off the title, sent her a text asking for the key remotes-they weren't included in the $140 it cost to have the keys cut and reprogrammed. I have a van full of her stuff to return to her, the only thing I've heard is an email about a battery charger! of hers that she seems to think I might have, she actually does have a battery that I let her use from my boat, didn't feel like spending the $90 for a new one at the time, and my boat is sitting in the yard waiting to be sold.

A little troubled that she seems to have ignored the van business completely.
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Hi John
Keep enjoying yourself and hugs..

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