More chaos but not from RAH

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Angry More chaos but not from RAH

I may not like some replies I receive but I need some support or advice...
My husband has been a recovering alcoholic for over 7 months now, and my family is living a better life because of it. We are still healing, but happy. On the other hand, a couple of my siblings have basically continued to say horrible things about my husband and forwarding e-mails about him to others about their feelings-such and so forth. Frankly, we haven't seen them or said too much to them in particular for a while. I don't understand why this is considered "right" in their eyes. It is hurting us and affecting my son! Basically, their whole point is that no one should want to be around my husband and they won't go to any family get-togethers if he attends. They will even go as far as harrassing the person who has the family event about how horrible my husband is.... How is this a "good thing"? Thank you for letting me vent because frankly I am not able to "say my piece" too much anywhere else.
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No its not a good thing. Personally I would send one email or make one phone call asking them to stop, explaining they are hurting your son, you and your RAH, and leave it at that. If they continue, well, I find that I need to stay away from negative, toxic people, even if I happen to be related to them. Being a relative doesn't give them any special rights to harm me.
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I don't understand how emails and people voicing their opinion hurts your son or family. While what they say may be unkind and their behaviour immature they have the right to express themselves or refuse to attend any function they choose. Tell whomever is relaying these emails or conversations that you would prefer not to hear them. I focus on my behaviour, I can't control what others say or do.
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