Happy Birthday JT

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Happy Birthday JT

I hope you have a wonderful day today. Thank you for all you do here and for making yourself available for us to learn from and love.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!
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I used to work here ;)
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Happy Birthday to you!, Happy Birthday to you!, Happy Birthday Dear JT, Happy Birthday to you! (that was me

Hope you have a great day! And don't use it to make me stop singing
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JT, Thank you for all the wonderful things you do and for all the strength, hope, courage and wisdom that you have shared with me. We have travelled this road together for such a long time, and I want to tell you that you have made my journey beautiful just by walking next to me. I love you JT!!! And I am proud to have you for a friend.

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JT, JT, JT, so another b'day has rolled around??????? Well, I'll be darn. You don't look a day over 18! Okay, okay, so maybe I'm schmoozing ya on you're b'day. Let's be honest. You really don't look a day over 21 and you and I both know it!!!

Happy b'day, gal. Thanks for sharing here and helping me on my road to recovery. I can always count on you to put it to me straight and I like that. Now get out there and go have a happy b'day. And that's an order!!!!


Hangin' In
(P.S. Saw where the Beav's court date was yesterday. Just know ya'll were and are in my prayers.)
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Happy Birthday! Hope it's lots of fun, and vvvvveeeeeerrrrrrryyyy peaceful!

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Thank you everyone...

I will spend my day doing my favorite thing! Shopping!! We need to do some furniture shifting.

We went away this weekend and Ward bought me a Tommy Bahama purse!! I love it! I have been eyeing them a long time but wouldn't get one for myself.

Birthdays are getting a bit redundant...we could stop at any time!!

Oh and Hangin...court was continued...duh!!

Hugs all around,
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I hope you have a wonderful day!!


Many hugs and hope too,
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JT !!!!!

Have a realy good birthday- thanks for all the wisdom
you bring here !!!!!

big hugs

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Have a wonderful day, JT, and shop 'til ya drop!

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Happy Birthday, J.T.

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The Happiest Birthday ever JT!!!!!!!!

Put on the record "Today its my birthday!!!!!!!!!!"

Thanks for sharing so much with me and caring so much. You are truely amazing and one of my favorite angels!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posts: 2,898 guys are so nice!! Thank you all!!

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Hope that your Birthday has been a real blast!!! Hope ya get a real nice dinner!

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Hope you're having a fabulous day!

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Happy Birthday JT!!

I will celebrate the day of your birth. I sure am glad God decided to plunk you down here with us mortals. Hope you had a fabulous birthday.

Word to Smoke: What happened to the poor Dinotaur? He looks like someone tried to drown him. I hope all that water didn't short out his crystal ball.
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Learning to love life...
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Hi JT...
I know its a little late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl!
I wasn't gonna post cuz I had no special pics to attach... but I wanted u to know that I was thinking of you on your special day

Take care
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Happy Birthday JT

You sound like you aren't really sure you want this birthdayso.....

I going to tell you what I was told once a LOOOOOng time ago,

You're not really a year older Dear, you're only one day older!

Thanks for sharing your experience, strength and wisdom....
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