Whatever your circumstances are today...

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Whatever your circumstances are today...

"God is in control."

I heard this at church this morning, and it profoundly touched me. I am one who easily gets overwhelmed with my life...I am one who tries very hard to figure out my life by myself...I want answers yesterday, rather than wait patiently for when the time is right for the answers...I am learning, albeit slowly and painfully, that I cannot do it by myself.

If we remember that we are not alone through all of this and God has a plan for all of us, it has to make this journey we're all on a little easier to accept.
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An old saying goes that God never throws you a situation that you can't handle. BEcause he has faith in you and you have in him. Keep positive and leave it to Lord.

God Bless,

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Hi Maryl,

Ya know, I used to really hate hearing that saying...I would think to myself, OK God, that's enough, I don't want any more 'stuff' thrown my way, so stop now please, I can't handle any more! Now, I realize that what that really means is He doesn't give us any more than what we can handle with Him by our side, He doesn't want us to handle it by ourselves, b/c then it IS impossible. A lot of you probably already have this figured out, for me it was a revelation, believe me! lol

One of the men that work for me has a daughter who underwent life or death surgery this weekend--she was born with a rare liver disease and just turned 2 recently. It came down to a transplant was their last resort, and the call came in for them Saturday morning. His faith through all of this astounds me--saying simply that whatever God has in store for his family is what he will be ready to accept. That makes my little problems seem pretty insignificant in comparison, and I complain that I have too much to handle.
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