my heart is breaking for the As dog

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my heart is breaking for the As dog

I forgot he took in this dog at Christmas. He's never owned a dog (he's 21), we never had one in the home when he was young. He lives in a tiny 1-bedroom apartment. He went the entire month of january with no job. Now he has no car.

3 weeks ago he got a full-time job that I bet takes him away a minimum of 10 hours a day (except weekends, but then he parties and, i assume, does not always come home).

So yesterday we'd made arrangements for me to take some paperwork to his place that he needed to sign. And i see the dog at the patio door looking for his master. I was shocked he still had the dog. So i knock on the door. He's not home, but i hear the dog whining. I've been crying ever since. I've got to get it together. I don't even like dogs all that much.

Somebody help me. Because I've not been around dogs all that much, is a dog flexible enough mentally to deal with this kind of alone-ness? I've seen dogs in my neighborhood that have been fed, watered, but basically left alone all day (either in the back yard or in the owner's house), and it seems to me they are deeply affected by the situation - but is that just my take on it? I have no reason to think that I can reason with this son about it - he will just dig in his heels and tell me i'm making a big deal out of nothing.
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Dogs need to be loved and cared for just like childern.Was the dog too thin?,living in a mess? If so call animal control on him and get that dog out of there. I'm a dog lover, so if it was my child I would find a way in and take the dog, to he!! with what my kid thought. Dogs have no way to care for them selves. JMHO.
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don't know about the living conditions - only saw the dog at the window..

i do feel this is worth chasing after... i may show up at his apartment w/o phone call and see what i can see...
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I agree .. if you can go there - Dog's do not look after themselves like cats can.. and they can suffer from separation anxity (sp?)

let is know how you make out

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i just went to apartment and knocked - no one answered. did not see the dog at the patio window. did not smell anything through the door.

later today i will call his paternal uncle who has been enabling him lately and see if he has been inside the place or is in any way concerned (this uncle has had dogs around him all his life). I will also go over to the apartment later tonight and see if he answers. I'm going on the pretense of him needing to sign these papers, so that may help.
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call animal control immediately. you don't have to give your name.
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maybe you can tell the landlord that you think his dog is ill and needs attention and you can get into the apartment
from there if it looks bad I would look for a no-kill shelter....

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play the tape all the way thru
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Please call animal control in your city or county. Good luck!
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There are dog day care services in which dogs can spend a few hours romping around with others. You might suggest this to your son. Ours costs $15/day.
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