want to cry... not sure why

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want to cry... not sure why

HI everyone,

for those who know what is going on with me and my ABF... he got 18 months in prison... and I went to see him in county jail before they moved him to prison... and that went great... but today I went on line to the state department of corrections site to see if they moved him to prison... and they did... and it hit me really hard... I want to cry but I am at work and I am trying to stay strong...

Why???? why did this hit me so hard???? not like I didn't know it was going to happen...
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I don't have any advice....just supporting you right now.

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So what if you're at work? Let it out. Maybe go out to the car or something. Sounds like you have something to cry about.

It's okay to be human, even at work.
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It is so hard I know!!!!! And Just had it right! Go to the bathroom and take your make up!


and if the boss gets at you kick him in the stuff really hard and ask if that made him want to cry and tell him you just let it out!
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{hugs} You will get through this. Allow yourself to feel and acknowledge all the emotions that come your way. If you need to, take the day off and cry. You'll feel better afterwards I bet.
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Let it out! Just as others have said....go to your car (bring makeup) go to the bathroom (bring makeup) just let it out sweets! Feel the feelings-

Be gentle to yourself!
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(((Hugs))) to you. I know it is a rough day for you. You will find that a good cry will make you feel some relief. Go to the car and cry.....I will keep you in my thoughts.:praying
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Have a cry! I have blubbed quite a few times in work over the last few months. I approached my manager and told her I was having difficulties at home, she was so supportive and told me that when ever I needed to I could take myself off to the tea room or a private area.

Lily xxxxxxx
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gentle hugs to you as you deal with the emotions brought on by your abf's imprisonment. I don't think anyone else is surprised that it hit you hard. Sometimes things just hit you when they hit you. It's like it finally sinks in and wham. It's ok to cry.
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I cried all the time at work when my break-up with my xabf first happened. I probably went through a tube of mascara the first week. I say run to the bathroom...with the mascara! People at work understand more than you think (((mec)))
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It is okay to feel.. you are human that is what we do

thinking of you

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If prison gets him sober it will have been a necessary road...
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mec - The reality of it all prolly finally sank in for you. It's ok...feel your feelings, cry and come back here for support anytime you need to. This place is incredible with the energy and support it gives out. Big hugs your way.
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Thank you all for the help... I did leave the office at the end of the day and went in my car and cryed all the way home. Then when I was home I was making dinner and the phone rang... it was my ABF calling from prison... I am so happy to hear from him and it was like a god sent that he called me... he said that he was thinking about me all day and I was happy to hear his voice...

Thanks again everyone...
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