My Christmas Story*

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My Christmas Story*

As most of you have read I had just went through what I thought was a break up with the girl I was seeing.
If I back up a bit, I should tell you we met on Halloween. She went to school with one of the people that rent a room in my home.
They seemed to have had a falling out when they were younger but got in touch with each other again.

Long story short so many rumors have flown around and it really did hurt the relationship.

On this Saturday I went to a small party with friends of my roomie and people who know her and the girls I was seeing.

I found myself the center of conversation and later learned that things that were done and said were not true, that my roomie had pretty much poisoned this little relationship as a way to get back at this girl for something that happened years ago.

I was collateral damage.

They had even sent this girl pictures of the party that nigh with me there in hopes to stir things up even more.

I left, very confused and angry at it all.

That night I got a text from my friend asking me to meet for coffee and to talk. I agreed.

More things came out and things were set aside and we both agreed to see each other again but now without dealing with this roomie.

She then asked if I cared to spend Christmas Eve with her.
I said yes.

Now mind you, It’s been 4 years since I have spent Christmas with another. No tree, no gifts, no woman in my life.
In fact this was the 1st yr. I had bought a tree again.

I arrived about 6 and her place smelled from cooking. Fresh homemade bread and the ham looked great. The tree was lit and presents were everywhere.

We ate and exchanged gifts and enjoyed the evening. She even bought all day passes to Disneyland so we could go together. She knew I have not been for years.

It’s A Wonderful Life was playing On TV and we watched it together. It was truly a good evening.
Both unexpected and gratefully appreciated.

You know I let this situation be, and did not bother her or try to change her thinking or opinion. I stood back.
I let her think and decide for herself with no control.
In the end something wonderful took place.
A relationship was rekindled.
(Still another, with my roomie, needs to be dealt with.)

But all in all I have to say this was the best Christmas gift to me that I can remember.
I no not what the future holds for the two of us, but I do know I will hold this memory of Christmas for some time.
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Mr. C....I was re-reading parts of Co-dep No More this afternoon and as often happens when I read that book I found yet another nugget regarding making decisions. Basically, when you can identify that your emotions are controlling you, postpone any decision making. Your story shows that by standing back and letting things unfold, they will. Thanks for sharing and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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What a wonderful Christmas Story Mr. Christian. Like what was said...instead of trying to fix a situation, you let it unfold and look what happened!

As far as your "roomy" that does need some tact so you don't lose a place to live or a renter...some people can be so cruel.

Enjoy the rest of the Holidays.

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Thank you for sharing that with us Mr. C.... Im so happy for you, and you know what a sucker I am for happy endings.
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What a perfect Christmas miracle!
You deserved it and now, without the interference, you can enjoy many more days ahead!
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Wonderful Mr. C! Glad that you were blessed with happiness and some fun (Disney woo hoo) in your life!

I have learned in recovery to confront most people when confused on issues, it is the applying it all the time that can be tricky-I feel that it will make you feel best to do so with this roomie of yours-to gain some peace with the whole situation-then let it go-JMHO......

We live and we learn....the process of our ever changing lifes and ourselves! It is wonderful-
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Mr. C,

She found out you were to good to let go!

Sorry...I am biased. LOL

Good for you and good working your program...I take back my previous post on your other thread....She is level-headed and very mature! It shows!

Now that roomie...hmmmmmmm
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I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday, Mr. C. Years ago, I had a roomie who was also a friend and a co-worker. It turns out that she was telling my coworkers all about my private life. I took care of that right quick. I ended the friendship and found a new place to live.
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Yes the room mate thing must be handled but I’m trying to wait things out a little. To see where this all goes.

I mean the girl friend can turn tail and run again which means there are some issues there.
I’m trying not to pressure which always turns out bad as we well know.
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