Prayers for my dog.....

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Prayers and Love go out to You

I will pray for you and your dog. I will also pray that you have the strenghth to deal with all that comes your way. God never throws anything at you that you can't handle!! God Bless.

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prayers for your courage and your dogs health. from me and my lil monster.
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All Dogs go to Heaven

I am so sad for you.

I truly believe our pets have souls, I am positive they go to Heaven just like humans do. Animals even come through in psychic readings. (Like Crossing Over with John Edwards.) You may see him in dreams now and for sure he will be waiting for you when your time here is over. You will see him again.

Just in case, this may help. It helped me. When I lost my dog last year, we buried him at home. I cried for 3 days, then I gathered rock from fields, planted flowers, and made him a garden. It was like he and I were doing it together and it was a great comfort. We got a cobblestone from a garden center and had his name engraved on it for about $40. I had my son cut down a tree so his garden could have more light.

Maybe doing something like that for Midas will help. It could be a story or a poem or a kindness to another animal, whatever is part of you.
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Thank you again for all your comforting thoughts and caring words. I am going through the "whys" stage of this. Why did this happen? What made him sick? Is he is heaven? I like to think so. He was so wonderful, that my heart knows that his spirit lives on. thanks
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It is what it is!!!
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Yes he is in heaven...playing with my dog Scottie that i lost last year after 15 years.

They go to heaven and they wait for us .

I am so sorry for your loss Rose, pets are amazing, having my cat for 6 years and now my new puppy has been such a part of my recovery.

God Bless him and you! ((Rose)))
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I am so very sorry to hear about Midas Rose.

I believe that all dogs go to heaven and I have one up there too.
Her name is JUMPIE. The kids named her and she was with us for 10yrs. I still miss her so. After she died we said that we didn't want anymore dogs but two weeks later we adopted Jo-Jo at the animal shelter. That was 7 yrs ago. He has been such a good dog.
I get so attached to all of my pets. Midas will always be with you!

Prayers and hugs,
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Hi Friends,
God has answered my prayer and I can access this site again from work. I really need the support today. I feel like I am still in shock but now I just have this incredible pain too. I keep feeling like I missed some imortant sign and that I did not do everything for Midas that I could have done. I know this thinking doesn't help and that it is my weak attempt to have some kind of control over this. I just can't believe he is gone. He was one thing that was so right about our family. It was kind of like we won the lottery with him, the most wonderful dog ever. My husband is worse than I am if that is possible. This also makes me feel fearful that something else bad will happen. My cat ran away three months ago after 13 years and now this. Ok enough of this I will make it through this day. thanks
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I didn't have much time to get on yesterday, so only read your title, and prayed for you and your dog. I really feel his passing was pain-free.....

On whether or not he is in heaven, this is my take on it. One of my kids had a Sunday School paper on it, that answered the question for my mind. Nothing is really addressed about animals in heaven in the Bible. So people are swayed both ways on their thinking. God wants us to be happy in heaven. There will be no crying--for any reason! I believe that when you get to heaven, if you feel you need Midas with you to be happy--he will be there for you. I really believe that.

Girls--the Rainbow Bridge was awesome.

Rose, I'm crying with you this morning! Lots of prayers for your comfort!

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I'm soo sorry to hear about your Midas.

3 years ago I lost my Shepherd, Ava. We were all so distraught. She was a GREAT dog. Luckily both my children got to enjoy her and they remember her.

I believe they are in a better place right now.

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Oh Rose,

I am aching for you. Please let go of the guilt. I know you were the best doggie's mom ever. We all know stories of health failing suddenly and unpredictably in animals. You know you did all you could. We know you did. And so does Midas.

Love and hugs,
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It is what it is!!!
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Please don't feel bad about this. It is obvious just from your first post requesting prayers for Midas that he was loved with all your heart. Animals can't tell us what is wrong, that can't tell us when they hurt, that is unfortunate, but true. As Smoke said WE and more important MIDAS knows you did the best you could for him. He is happy again and running and playing just like that Rainbow Bridge poem says. They gave that to me at the vet when I lost Scottie too, and I believe it.

This is a loss for your family and you need to grieve through it. We are here, but please don't feel bad, you loved him and he loved you and that is what matters.
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(((((((Dear Rose))))))) It's the most natural thing in the world after a death of a beloved pet to question yourself, but please don't stay in that place too long. I believe that animals all have a sixth sense, especially dogs, and they understand far more than we realize. Your Midas would have known how very much he was loved all his life and he would also know that you did all that you could for him. Be kind to yourself Rose - you know Midas would want you to do that for yourself, too. I too believe that you will see him again one day.

Lots of love and hugs.
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so sorry ((((((ROSE)))))
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ROSE - I am so sorry to hear about Midas. I am an animal lover and have 6 cats. I know the incredible connection we have with our animal friends and soul mates.

You must be in emotional shock. My cats and I send you love and wish
Midas a beautiful journey.

Blessings, Daria
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I saw this posted somewhere, maybe on this site, I dunno, but here it goes:

"Don't cry that it's over, be grateful that it happened".

You are a good person for loving your dog so much.

I'm sorry about the way this turned out.


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Thanks so much everyone for your support. My husband and I have decided to go away for the weekend so we are not sitting here looking at his place in the living room. I am hoping as the days go by it gets a bit easier. I love you all for your kind words and hugs. I am still in shock. Thanks.
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I hope you and your husband have a peaceful weekend.

Lot of hugs,
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I used to work here ;)
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Try to have a good weekend. Your Midas is in heaven playing with all of our beloved, departed pets (more like family members).

Take care of yourself Rose.

Many, many hugs.
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(((((Rose))))) I'm so glad that you and your hubby are doing this for yourselves. We'll be here waiting for you when you get back.

Love and hugs.
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