Sometimes we need to stop asking "Why?"

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I have had to learn a long time ago. That some questions have no logical results. Sad but ture. I drove myself nuts and all those around me trying to figure this out.

Life I thought was easy. There was correct and incorrect. However, addiction has no boundaries. Sometimes to surive we have to bend the boundaries to make them straight again. The answers will come but they only come in time. Who's time that is hard to say. They will only come when we and what ever HP is ready.

The answers do come to us. They may not the ones we want but they do come in time and after self love and healing.
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((Prodigal)) Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for this post,good food for thought.

I have often heard it said that we ask the "wrong question"......instead of "Why did this happen to me, it should be:why not?" I guess there is a lot of truth to that.
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the girl can't help it
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Why. . .
What if . . .
If only . . .

Three giant signals that my brain is heading down the wrong path.
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Prodigal ... I'll be saying prayers that the "wacko docs" are able to find healing for you!

As for the "whys", I read this post yesterday, and it got me thinking for a day so I came back to it and read it again. You got me to realize that the last ten years that I have known my XABF have been saturated with "whys", "what ifs" and "if onlys." This has been the winning game for R ... he disappears on women, leaving them spinning in the "whys" etc. and never finding closure because they are mystified as to what hit them. So after months passing by with the "whats" and wounds never healing, he swoops back in, and stirs it all up again, rotating through the same women. And therein lies the control. I question whether any of "R's women" will be truly free until he's dead.

I really appreciate the tips on how to put the "whys" to rest! I'll be using them.
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There is a very excellent AA speaker -- Scott L. from Nashville, Tenn. -- who puts it like this: We acknowledge in Step 1 that we are powerless. If we are powerless, then we are not management material. "Why?" is a management question, so if we're not in management, then we have no business asking "Why?".

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I can get so hung up on the "whys" I forget about the solutions. I seem to love to dwell on that which has been done or that which I can't do anything about. I'd like to stop being a slave to my emotions and instead a master of solution.

Thoughts are with you Prodigal
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