Hating Alcoholism!!!!!!!!!!

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Angry Hating Alcoholism!!!!!!!!!!

Need To Vent - Just For A Moment, If I May.....

I Hate Alcoholism And Addiction!!!!! I Hate, Hate, Hate It!!!!! I Hate That It Chewed Up And Spit Out My Hopes, And Dreams, And Plans For The Future With The Man I Have Loved Most In My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Hate That He Is Alone And Sad And Depressed Because Of This Awful Disease!!!!!!!!!! I Hate That He Is Hopeless And I Really Hate The Fact That I Have To Learn How To Move Forward Without Him!!! I Hate Having To Leave Him Behind!!!! I Don't Want To!!!! But I Know I Can't Go Back!!!!!

Grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Just Needed To Get That Out!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks For Listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This Was Originally Posted All In Caps, Btw.....i Know Better Than To Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word....ha
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im with you on all of this. all alchohol does is makes you suffer. alchohol make me sick and disgusted with what is does to families. it aggravates me
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Let it out girl............Let it ALL out............
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i'm sorry hun, we all know how it feels, so feel free to vent away!
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I am with you all the way on this rant! I just moved out 5 days ago. Hang in there.
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Keep venting sweets! Let it all out we are here for you!!
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Hugs to you, rant away! It does suck, the after affects we are left with. Sorry your hurting K. It will get better soon, it has to :comfort
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I hear ya!

I feel the EXACT same way. I have been with my AH husband for almost 11 years. He has been in rehab 13 months out of the last 4 years...and has not been sober for more then a week at a time. He has so much going for him it is just so sad. Things seem to only get worse though and nothing changes for the better. After reading several posts here I know what I have to do and have taken a job 1500 miles away. I leave in one week. He is so depressed about me leaving that the drinking is worse and daily...I even had to call the cops 2 weeks ago because I thought he OD (it was just a huge amount of hard alcohol over a very short time). I feel bad for him but can't continue to live like this. I long for a "normal" life, one without the chaos and drama. I put off having children (which now I am so thankful for) but am not getting any younger. Bottom line...this disease SUCKS!!
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:mock If alcohol were invented today, it would be illeagle tommrow.

did I spell that right???:morning
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With you all the way ... it sucks. Sending hugs and good thoughts out to you. Hang in there!
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Alcoholism is a sneaky and aweful disease that in my opinion is so sadly destructive. Every week at my meeting I just marvel at the stories I hear and how deeply it affects others.

BTW feel free to vent sometimes a good venting is the best thing.
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