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Stbxah (yes - I'm still waiting for the divorce to go thru - it's been sitting with the judge now for 1 1/2 months) called me Friday afternoon - talked with one of the kids first, then she started crying.
He was in the hospital yet again (I forget how many times it's been now 13 - 15).
He wanted me to call him back - I said no.
Will you guys come see me, I said no.
He repeated the questions and my answers back - maybe to know for sure what I was saying, I was NOT involved anymore.
He said to tell our daughter he was sorry for scarying her, and good-bye.
AH's brother called Saturday and explained a little further.
AH doesn't know how he got to the hospital (imagine that) he just remembers waking up there.
'Aparently he blew a .397' were my bro-in-law's words although I would bet it was a blood reading.
He probably went to (was brought to) the hospital late Thursday night or early Friday morning - he was out of the hospital Saturday.
AH called and talked with 2 of the kids (from his mom's cell phone).
Bro-in-law thought electricity was off at his apt. , and he was packing his stuff up to move who knows where but probably out to his moms.
I was looking on the internet to see how high BAC (blood alcohol content) can go before they die.
50% of people with BAC of .40 die. And it takes an hour to get to the hospital he was at.
I also read that chronic drinkers could go even higher though.
I think he's trying to kill himself.
A part of me wishes there was something I could do.... but everythings been tried.
A part of me knows there is nothing I can do.
I just have to let him go his own course, and pray that the kids and I can cope.

On a side note -
A friend of mine said to me that she didn't know how I can be so calm with all that's going on in my life (AH, divorce, bankruptcy, looking for a place to live, etc.).
I just told her there is nothing I can do about anything, and there's no sense worrying about it now.

Every night I pray the serenity prayer - and God does answer!
I'm sure there may be times when I'm not calm, but I do feel like I'm in a better place.

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Huggs and prayers
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crisscross, you are doing so well! My hugs to you!
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